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The last scene.

Helen was from the groom’s side and Sophia from the bride. Both would shop together and each day was filled with so much excitement and laughter, that it was making the wedding preparation far more enjoyable than the wedding.

The best man was Patrick and all decoration was designed and detailed by Sophia. They got the same priest who had earlier solemnized the marriage 25 years ago. He was old but very cheerful.

The wedding was simple , with a grand reception. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sanders drove away, to enjoy life as a happy couple . They decided not to be depressed about the time they lost, but to celebrate the joy of marriage, for now was the time that they needed each other the most.

Charleston was feeling relieved seeing his sister married to her love of life..and he regretted earlier decision for breaking their life.

Charleston returned home , a bit broken in spirit. He heard voices from gym, it was his wife.He turned the recording on, of the secret camera he had  placed in the gym. There he could see his wife with the trainer, having sex. He  asked the trainer to meet him in private. Together they watched the recording, the trainer was shaking.

Charleston,” So..what do you think ..I should do ?”

Trainer,” What do you mean?”

Charleston .” seems you enjoy my wife’s company too much. But, I have a problem with that..and I think ..” 

Trainer”Please sir..forgive me.”

Charleston.” No. I can not forgive you nor my wife. So…she must die and you have to kill her.”

Trainer,” Me?”

Charleston.” Yes. “

Charleston took out the lethal injection and handed it over to the trainer. ” Just empty she sleeps now. And.. don’t return..just leave the premises. This envelope has can survive at least two years without working. “

Trainer.” okay..”

Charleston then sat on the sofa in his library. He couldn’t sleep. Early next morning, the maids woke him up.

Maid,” Sir. The Mistress is not getting up. I think she is sick”

Charleston.” Call the doctor”

Maid,” Sir. The doctor is checking her now”

Doctor.” Sir. I am sorry..but it seems ..your no more “

Charleston got his wife buried without waiting for Charlotte and Mike. He felt, it was the right thing to do..he had made them suffer..and now it was perhaps his turn to feel the agony of  death.

Rosea Black..was finally out of many lives.



The reunion

Charlotte was feeling uneasy. The calmness of the surrounding was screaming into her mind. She wanted to escape the loneliness. She had no one but her brother Charleston. She knew he was re-married. She felt the need to forget the past and connect with him, as her only sibling.
Charlotte rang up Charleston home.
Butler,” Yes. Charleston Residence. May I know who is calling please.”
Charlotte : ” Is Charlie there ? I mean , is Mr. Charleston home?”
Butler,” madame, who should I say is calling ?”
Charleston walks into the hall and gets the phone.
Charleston ,” Yes.”
Charlotte ,” It is me. How are you?”
Charleston,” I am delighted to hear your voice. How are you?”
Charlotte,” I am feeling a bit lonely”
Charleston.” Then come over, my dear it has been a life time.”

They talked for couple of minutes and finally it was all settled , Charleston would send her air tickets .
Charleston, called up Patrick and they both arrived at Mike Sanders’ Office.

Mike,” Hello Patrick. How are you?”
Patrick,” I have great news for you. I got Charlotte’s address.”
Mike took the address and left immediately.His car was awaiting at the air port once he reached Ohio, his heart was racing faster. He was driving straight to the farm.

Charlotte was sipping away her tea and she watched her painting from yesterday. It was a very happy painting.Her hair was open and she wearing a burgundy dress.

Mike parked the car a little away from the main entrance. He then walked briskly and came to a halt at the door.Mike knocked, Charlotte raised her head a bit surprised. She was not expecting anyone, as Susan and her family were not due until tomorrow.

Charlotte ,” Who is it?”
Mike.” Mike”
Charlotte,” Who ?”
Mike,” Charlotte, it is me ..your Mike”
Charlotte felt numb, her hands tried to open the knob but it was slipping. She opened the door, and saw Mike. He was a bit older, but just as handsome as before and smiling. He was holding a huge bouquet of red roses.

They looked at each other, the whole life flashed before their eyes as tears filled.Mike walked close to her and she hugged him, crushing the roses . It was a very long and warm hug, as if their bodies were speaking in silence.The roses fell as their lips met and they kissed..long and deep.
Mike swept her off the floor and carried her to the couch, he sat with his wife on his lap, her arms around his neck made him feel wanted. Nothing changed in their love.

Charlotte, ” Mike. We lost our son”
Mike,” we never had a son, Charlotte.”
Charlotte.” What do you mean ? I gave birth to a dead boy.”
Mike,” My dear pumpkin, You gave birth to our twin daughters. But..your brother swapped them with the dead son of William Foster.”
Charlotte.” Then.. How? ..but”
Mike,” Wait..”
Charlotte.” Oh! Where are our daughters”
Mike.”Do you remember this ?” Mike took out the blue diamond. Charlotte was holding that piece when she went for delivery.
Charlotte.” That is..”
Mike took out his mobile and called up James.
Mike,” Yes. You all can come in ”
Charlotte.” You means 1″
Mike,” Charlotte, it has been 25 years. Our daughters, Helen and Sophia are now married. Helen got twins of her own and Sophia is expecting.”
Charlotte hugged Mike. once more this time it was a tighter hug.
The door opened and walked in the whole family.Helen with James both carrying twins in their arms, Patrick with the Richmond and inside..Sophia with Allen walking cautiously and smiling. There were lots of hugs and kisses.Laughter and noise from the boys running around.
Charlotte was crying and laughing her arms around Mike at the waist. She felt secured, as her daughters were quickly updating her..she was hardly able to listen..all she felt was inner happiness. it was a dream come true.

Helen and Sophia , once settled wanted to ask their parents a favor.
Helen ,” I know you got married secretly..but dad is still a bachelor in the social circle. So..why don’t we get you two married ?”
Mike instantly turned and then kneeled in front of Charlotte ..he was quickly given a rose by Reymond. They all laughed, it was amusing to see Mike asking Charlotte to marry him.

Charleston walked forward and said,” I am so sorry Charlotte for robbing you of the years that was the prime in your life. I can not do anything about it, but I promise to behave from now.”

Hmmmmm – Part 3

Mike Sanders was now keen to meet his beloved Charlotte..her smile was making him miss her. After seeing Sophia ans Helen, he wanted to relive  each moment he had missed.

The happiness of finding twins, his Charlottes twins. So much like her, but this happiness was incomplete without his love. Tears were again his companion, he didn’t want to work. He wanted to meet his two daughter’s husbands, their families.

James had organized a huge party and Mike Sanders was introduced to all the guests , everyone was happy to have met Mike. Helen and Sophia both were looking great. Helen’s twin sons were running around thinking it was great fun..and the daughters perhaps too young to understand just smiled between gaga and googles.

Sophia and Allen were happy couple, Mike was happy that Sophia found her love of life and was full of admiration for Helen’s part in making it possible.

Patrick was happy, he was busy playing with Richard and Raymond. The two never wanted to leave his side,whether it was a party or not, his fun companions were always limited to the twin brothers.

Helen,” Richard and Raymond, why don’t you let papa meet guest ?”
Richard,” But, mama grand pa is enjoying and he doesn’t really feel comfortable with other guests.”
Helen,” What makes you think so ?”
Raymond,” it is simple. Look, when he is with us he is laughing and when with other guests he is smiling. So, what is more relaxed.”
Helen,” He is laughing with you two , because you amuse him ”
Patrick,” Now , now Helen my dear. Why talk about my comrades with less respect. I simply adore their company. When you were little, you were double the trouble 😉 ”
Helen,” really! Papa ”
Patrick,” Yes, really. And I wouldn’t change any moment for any amount of treasure you may offer. You know, Helen when you smiled or run around, anything you did was like a dream come true. From the moment I held you, I felt a warmth for you. I feel a little more love for them, because they are your children. I can’t help it. I want to spoil them.”

Mike,” Me too. I must invite them to spend time with me. I want to know them.”
Richard,” When can we come?”
Raymond,” Will you show us your mansion?”
Richard,” Are you also our grand pa?”
Raymond,” How can we call both grand pa”
James,” I know, what you can do. You should call, your grand pa as grand pa and your new grand dad , as grand dad ”
Helen,” that was smart ;)”

The farm spread over acres of lush green lawn. Charlotte , was sipping her early morning coffee and planning about the horse race.
After her divorce , she had horse breeding and her commission on the race win, as a source of income. She felt empty and at time useless. She missed Mike..felt sad about giving birth to a dead child. But, she never blamed anyone and never wanted to change anything either.
She was still very attractive and had many admirers, but she never felt to be with anyone, as no one was like her Mike..her artist.
This morning was very different, it was inviting her for painting the scenery..lush green grass with sky so blue..I still love you..Mike..and do you 🙂 She was smiling..and thinking ..of course not.
Susan and her family helped her with up keeping and much of the cooking. Today, it was Susan’s daughter’s wedding , although they insisted her but Charlotte , didn’t feel like attending any social gatherings.
She was alone with her paint brush , green on her wide canvass matched the greenery in front..she heard a car stop.That was surprising, few would come this far.
The breeze was tickling her hair and she let it open..she could smell a familiar cologne ..couldn’t be she she was about to turn..hands clasped her shoulder.
Charlotte : ” Mike ”
Mike,” No ”
Charlotte turned and looked up to the eyes that were filled with tears..and one..Charlotte thought to herself..age is catching up on me. She finished her painting and went she couldn’t take her mind off if he was missing her.Why would he ? But..she wanted him to miss he loved her..the heat was making her uncomfortable and she decided to take a bath..before she took her lunch.

hmmm-part 2

Rosea and Tony left for the night. The man, who didn’t want o disclose his name was old, he was too frail but he wanted a young woman. A beautiful woman, as he was feeling lonely. So much money, he can afford to get most of the women in his bed. Rosea was no exception. She had beautiful black hair long till her hips, black eyes and pure white skin. She was a statue that had come alive. She was well versed, had a convent graduation and was nothing close to boring. In fact, just by looking at her most of the men would get hot. Mr. Blake  sat on his sofa sipping wine, Rosea entered the dim lit room. The night started.


Tony left to scheme the details for the accident. he called up the chauffeur. After much pursuance and huge amount of green cash, the driver agreed.


Early, Sunday morning grandma was ready for her filed trip. She had an exclusive interview with the production team of ” new greens” . Looking awesome , she tried to walk upright. helen was amused to see this woman’s courage and spirit. She asked, the chauffeur to be careful and drive slowly.  Grandma, twitched she didn’t like smooth drives .


Helen,” What time would you return”


Grand ma,” Most probably, by late evening “


Helen,” You did take your medicines, and phone”


Grand ma, nodded and left. Helen, looked at the table, she had left the medicine box, quickly Helen called her,  Grand ma,”Oh dear! I must have taken out to check that, but I am already on the free way.”


Helen, told her not to worry, she will follow her and at the station she will give it to her, hand delivery. Helen, then took out her black mustang and drove, only to find that the car carrying her grandma was too fast.Why, is he driving so fat , that was totally not suppose to happen. Soon, the car went up and then on the free way..speeding behind the Cadillac. Helen realized that the car speed was increasing, and the driver was not making any attempt at slowing, not even at the curves. She again called grandma, no answer. She stepped on her mustang. Called James with speaker, “hi, its grandma’s car, its speeding too much on the free way , I am behind it and she is not answering my call” James , was in the shower. he understood only the frantic voice calling for help. he also started to drive, the Cadillac was 

now totally out of control screeching, they have entered the lanes now and still not Helen , tried and passed the car only to see, that it didn’t have a driver and grandma? She called the traffic police,and within minutes they came to rescue. The huge air balloon was manged to b block the Cadillac, in time and dead stop. James also reached at the scene. the driver had escaped unhurt, how did he mange all this was amazing. The car was on auto driver mode. it was directed by the computer from the time, it was on free way. The medical support had arrived, grandma was unconscious and was taken for emergency.


James was furious, he gave the police men the total description of the driver and his whereabouts. pacing up and down the hall way, James couldn’t think who had planned all this.Slowly, grandma gained conscious and was released from the hospital within a few hours. Helen, hugged her tightly, and smiled. grandma had got a stain in her back and was advised to take complete  rest.


Slowly and steadily grandma recovered. Helen was already late for resuming her classes. Her visit to Mr Foster’s Mansion was not really pleasant.Patrick, was sad too. The whole house had an eerie feeling.


Patrick told Helen, that her mother was actually from a renowned family, but had married without the consent of her father. This had led to economical and social problems. After, the untimely death of their father, their grand parents forced her mother to give up her children. But, she was not agreeing..that night after giving birth to twins. While the mother was recovering, they gave her the dead son of Mr. Foster, as her’s and quickly took his body away. Later, Mr Foster buried the child without leaving any mark, all that he remembered was the coconut trees.Swaying in the dark nights like witness to a tragedy.


Helen’s mother was from Hamilton’s family, she had no clue about how did it all happen. All records were wiped out. Two influential people had played a shadow game. Helen, was shocked and depressed. Should now she look for her mother, was a question. But, Patrick said, ” You will only bring misery”


Helen returned to her classes. Daily, James and Grandma would call her. They were happy 

to know about  her pregnancy. But, James was a bit uncomfortable. What to do with Rosea’ child.


The police was late in finding the driver involved in the attempt to murder Grandma, he was killed just an hour after the accident. Someone had shot him point blank near his quarter.


Rosea Black, was feeling depressed. When she felt lonely, she wanted company.All these years, Tony was not only her trusted worker but an agent. For , he managed all men, who wanted a beautiful mistress, as Black. She was popular and much in demand, but since she got James, she made her trips with much secrecy.Tonight, it was different. Both her plans had failed, for her entry asMrs. james. Helen was pregnant and Grandma still alive, with additional securities measures. Even, at the MIT university, James had posted guards.


Rosea was like a trapped predator, moving in her room wanted to punish those who had blocked her path. Another attempt on Grandma was much too risky. She wanted to think clearly, but with a pensive mood that was almost impossible. She called Tony, and asked him if any of the elites were available for making her feel good, tonight.


Tony, quickly checked and found few. Rosea stepped into the most exquisite and fashionable dress, red and black with diamonds studded at the cleavage and back, edges of slit and high pointed heels; her makeup was natural and flawless.First she would go to the high profile clients, two would make her happy. She even thought about how many times and which positions, would be best. It may be just sex, but for Rosea, it was her art of living. She earned, every dime with innovative ideas, combination of music and background shadow play. It was a theatre, she was the main performer and the men, they were the catch, once bitten she ruled their hearts and mind, of course a huge sum of money was paid for making them feel her.She calculated, and told Tony that after her two visits, she would return to her Condo, that to arrange four men, after all she also needs to be served. The Goddess, wanted four sacrifices at her altar.Tony, assured her and accompanied her to the Mansions.


Tony, always waited outside in the car, with a hearing/ recording device. He listened attentively, to all that Rosea performed behind the closed doors. Rosea never knew, that her dress or accessories were holding hidden recorder.


Flawlessly, she performed..she actually had orgasms, no faking. She made herself involved to the extent, that those she served, would become her slaves. The Second client enjoyed more than the first always, as she would be so electrifying and hungry for another, she will always add something it was past midnight. Rose returned.. exhausted but happy, who said sex didn’t elevate spirits. According to Rosea , it was the best option to elevate her mind and body, together. Feeling confident, she now started to scheme, a smile appeared genuinely. Soft lips beautiful eyes, with deadly dreams.


Rosea stepped into her private four men were waiting, the Queen entered..the slaves attended her..bathed her..massaged her.pampered much..and then devoured on her..she had made them all so aroused..that they felt..the need to have her..each one had her once..and they wanted her again.and again..


Plan emerged in her mind.. yes, she thought. let me convince James, that Helen got pregnant not with his child but with Alfred’s..I must be careful and slow. But first, to make up a story of miscarriage, so thatJjames can be with her for a longer time without any interruptions.

Rosea Black, once again got busy. This time she needed the help of a mediocre nursing home, away from the city  in the suburbs. Rose  informed James , that she had a distant aunt whom she must meet, as her aunt was seriously ill. James offered her company, but Rosea declined reminding him of his meeting at the New York for his real estate company. Rose needed to make location difficult to reach, so she wrote the address with apen and let few drops of water make it effectively blurred. All set, she and Tony left to stage the abortion drama.


Tony called James, the following day, ” James , hi how are you?”


James,” I am fine,thank you. How is Rosea’ Aunt?”


Tony,” I am afraid, that she had expired even before we could reach . But..ahh..”


James.” Oh! I am sorry. May I speak with Rosea, please”


Tony,” James.. I need to give you some bad news…”


James,” Yes..”


There was a pause..little uncomfortable.


James,” hello ..hello.. Tony are you there?”


Tony,” James..Rosea..”


James,” yes.. where is she? I want to talk to her “


Tony,” James..Rosea has lost your child..she had slipped and I had to take her to a nearby clinic..but due to road ..”


James,” Oh! I must talk to Rosea..please Tony..give her the phone”


Tony,” James, she is under medication. You have to wait for sometime. Do you can come down here ?”


James,” yes.. yes.. I would..and take care of her..I am on my way..”


Tony,” Okay..thank you.. see you “


Tony smiled at Rosea. James  had not asked many questions, which made it easier.


James, got tensed and sad. He called Helen.


James,” Helen..”


Helen,” Yes.James.. are you okay?”


James, kept silent”


Helen,” What happened ? Is grandma alright?” Why does your voice sound so depressed..?Tell me.. James!”


James,” Rosea lost  her child..and she is weak..”


Helen,” Oh! I am so sorry. When ? How? Where did it all happen? “


James,” Helen, I need you. Please return home “


Helen,”Okay..I have one submission, but I will manage..I am coming. Don’t worry..okay?”


James and Helen reached home . They hugged and remained silent. Helen, could feel how sad..james was and she knew..that emptiness is depressing. Both started to leave, when james received a call from Tony.


Tony,”James, listen I had to bring Rosea to the main hospital, as she is sinking. So, don’t go to the suburbs. Just come here.And James.. Come alone “


The keys turned and unlocking the main door, James entered. He saw Alfred, sitting on the sofa, watching the news. He could smell, fresh fragrance of bath..and perfume. His blood boiled. How dare.. How can Helen, cheat on him.


He banged the door. Startled, Alfred looked up. Then stood up instantly, and bedroom door opened as Helen, now dressed and smiling, was about to enter the main living.


James, ” I am Helen’s  husband. Who are you?”


Alfred,” I am friend of Helen. We met at the hotel Ritz”


James,” Are you a regular visitor, Mr Alfred?”


Alfred,” No. Not at all. I am coming here for the first time.”


James,” And for the last too. Please leave, now!”


Looking with a face that had turned red, he walked towards Helen, clinching her elbows , he was forcing her to walk backwards .


Alfred, was still standing looking bewildered. James, tuned,” Are you leaving or Should I?”


Helen,” Alfred. Please go.”


James,” Helen.. just shut up!”


Alfred left. But, he was shaking. He couldn’t understand what was so wrong. James, obviously was thinking about them in an ugly way.


James,” Helen. I am not a fool. I am not supporting you for playing games with me. You..will not be ..”


Helen.” But.. James. Alfred just came to visit me .”


James,” How many visits, did he make to your…..”


Helen,” I will not take that kind of …”


James,” just shut up! I know, that you went with him to his family’s farm house, while I was away from Hotel Ritz. But, I didn’t know, that each time you rushed back to Boston. It was for meeting him. Not to complete your bachelor’s course.The child you his ?”


Helen,” No”


James, ” Helen, don’t make me proof that.. I will not tolerate  …deceit.”


Helen,” I did nothing of the sort..”


James,” Then…you will not give in easily. I suppose.”


Helen,” What do you want from me ?”


James, “I want that you and Alfred, conduct a DNA test and the child you carry in the womb, could be identified. If you are lying or not.”


Helen,” That is ridiculous”


James,” What are you afraid of?”


Helen,”if, you don’t want me or my child,just say that, why do you have to involve an outsider into this”


James,” I want to know if he is the inside..your lover !”


Helen,” Fine. Let us do it.”


James, went down and found Alfred standing at the lake corner. He went and talked with Alfred. Soon the three, arrived at the hospital and the blood samples were collected.The result would be given next week.


Rosea Black , was immensely pleased. Now, she must do something to change the test results.


The following night, she slipped in the laboratory and was able to swap the labels. Alfred’s  samples were now actually of James. Now, the result would be as Rosea wanted them to be, Helen was pregnant with James child and , now Alfred’s name tag was  over it.


Rosea smiled. Sorry, Helen..but you never should have come in my way to becomes Mrs. James Smith.

James was  beside Rosea Black, he had asked the doctor to take very good care for a quick recovery. Rosea managed few tears and then fainted. Nurses were attending her and James was told to leave. Helen was waiting at home for James.


James, ” I am feeling sad “


Helen,” That is very natural. You lost your child!”


Helen hugged James , for a long time.She wanted to make him feel that things would be just fine.


Helen,” Don’t worry. After I leave you in a year’s time. You two can get back together and maybe, you will get Rosea pregnant again ..hmm”


James, twitched ,” No.. I mean. I don’t know “


Helen,” Look, I am also pregnant with your child and I can feel how depressed Rosea must be at losing her’s “


James,” How can you talk so subjectively..I am amazed at your impersonal behaviour”


Helen,” meaning what exactly?”


James,” Meaning this simply , you are my wife and you are talking about my lover who lost her child, are not..”


Helen.” ssssh.. someone would hear you!”


James,” I really don’t care..I am just ..lost”


Helen.” I can not comment..on that.”


James.. did not like it much that Helen was comfortable with Rosea. But, he was suppose to be relieved. James..was confused. Why?


Rosea Black recovered . Helen, left in a week back to resume her classes at MIT, Boston.


Tony, called Alfred and asked him to meet Helen, at MIT. Alfred, wanted to know why..but Tony only said, that its urgent. Rosea, asked James to meet Helen.. matching the time with Alfred. Hoping, that he catches the two .


Helen unaware of this, was taking her usual bath when the door bell rang.


Helen.” Who is it? “


Alfred,” It is me “


Helen opened the door and with a smile greeted Alfred. They both walked in and Alfred was admiring the  luxury of the apartment, that James had given to Helen. Still wet from bath  Helen asked Alfred to be comfortable as she would get dressed.


Alfred was sitting at the living room watching news with helen in the bedroom.


The front door keys turned

Patrick was sad but there was no way out. His health was failing and he had no other option but to let go of his job. Gathering his belongings, he got permission from Mr Foster to leave their Mansion. Patrick could feel, that master and Madame, were now uncomfortable with his presence, after the revelation of Helen and Sophia, as twin sisters.


Sophia after her wedding left for London and got settled in her  married life. Mr Foster had corresponded with MIT and informed them about the changing of names from Sophia Foster to Helen James Smith. That done, it seemed that things would be smooth for Helen.But, Patrick’s recent weakness was disturbing. He coughed occasionally with much congestion and pain. All his life, he had served the Fosters with dedication and love,but he had committed one crime. He adopted the twin daughter, that Mr Foster had left back in the hospital. Patrick had no regrets  he had enjoyed thoroughly Helen’s childhood. Infact, Helen was the reason that kept Patrick a human.


Patrick still had the huge pendant that was dropped by Helen’s natural mother, when she heard that she had given birth to a dead son. Patrick kept it safely in a brass box. Now, he opened it , as he was packing. The blue diamond shined like a star, and Patrick thought, I must give this to Helen.


Patrick shifted to a small studio apartment, he decorated it with portraits, that helen had drawn over the years.


He had saved much of his monthly income wisely, now he could relax if time permit. patrick, called Helen.


Patrick ,” Hello. My dear “


Helen,” Father, How are you?”


Patrick,” I am as usual, just got settled in our new apartment and am looking at the  pictures you had drawn. But..are you alright?”


Helen,” Father..I am in tension. I will tell you in detail, but not now”


Patrick,” I have to know..Helen, my child please tell!”


Helen,”James..he is thinking …”


Patrick,” What? tell don’t have to be an impostor all your life. I told you since you met Sophia. You have a life. Why would you keep on playing an impostor, and nobody, actually appreciates you understand..Do you?”


Helen.” oh! Father.. I want to leave ..and come back to you “


Patrick,” Certainly. No matter what anyone says or feels, remember that I am always with you. I have bought this apartment as our mutual property. After me, you will be the sole owner. Mr. Foster , as you know  have completed all formalities, regarding your names etc. at your Architecture School. Don’t worry, my dear. You are strong.You have always helped people , going out of the way..but you must live your life..Can you follow me?”


Helen.”Yes. Father “


Patrick,” Please..Don’t cry. I want to tell you something. In my  apartment I have a locker, it contains a jewel that belonged to your mother. You should keep it. I am sure your mother would feel happy..If you have it.”


Helen,” I ..I..don’t know..about my real parents..but you are my father and I love you. I really  love you, because you have always trusted me.”


Patrick, coughed and was getting tired.He then said , good byes  to Helen.

ames, Helen and grandma were all waiting anxiously for the report. No one was speaking a word. The tension was high, more than lightning.


The report was getting tabulated, with the mismatched names. Results , came but were unexpected for Helen and manipulated by Rosea. The father as per DNA , was not James but Alfred. This was a bomb that devastated James.


His anger and heartbreak was all  combined as a collage that can not be understood, only seen.helen, was in a shock, how? That was boggling her mind but had no answers.


James, ” Helen. I do not want any comment or explanations from your side. Infact, I do not want to hear a single word uttered from your lips. I do not want to see you. I do not want to keep any relationship with you. Just collect your personal belongings and leave, your other things would be directly sent to your Boston apartment.”


Helen, was too weak to fight and the shock was enormous. grandma tears just kept on falling, she got so silent that it was screaming.James, was calling his lawyer.


Helen, had tears that filled her eyes, and falling down. She collected her wedding ring and some cash and few of her photographs with James. She then quickly wrote her last letter to James, kno

knowing he wouldn’t read it. She hid it under his books. helen, came down to main hall. The Lawyer arrived in the study, he handed the divorce paper to Helen.


James, ” Sign it”


Helen, signed and was leaving. James, stopped her and gave her another envelope.


James,” I know, that you need to continue your graduation.Each month, an amount would be deposited at your account. You don’t need to write to me or call me again. My account officer would get in touch with you, if you need anything from me.Helen, please never return”


Helen didn’t reply. She had tickets for flying back to Boston and feeling numb, she arrived at the Airport. She didn’t notice, that a woman was  approaching her. Coming close,  this woman asked Helen, if she could help her with something. Helen, just followed her to the  ladies wash room. As the door closed, strong hands  covered her nose and mouth with a handkerchief, she fainted without any resistant.


The woman, who was almost same size and height of Helen, collected her things and boarded the plane. After, a few minutes the plane was taxiing suddenly it got engulfed into flames.The airport lounge and ladies wash room also got partly burned as the plane crashed into the waiting area.


News was flashing, James was watching it in disbelieve, he just remained seated motionless. The divorce papers were not yet signed by him, as the lawyer was waiting , James tore the papers, as if it was no longer needed.


Grandma, collapsed and fainted.Helen , was unconscious lying on the floor with  debris over her, Alfred who was silently waiting outside the mansion had followed Helen, but due to security he was still outside of the airport.

Police were at the residence of James Smith. They had found the wedding ring and cctv video recording cleared one fact, that Helen’s boarding card was used by the criminals.They couldn’t tell anything regarding, the body of Helen. James didn’t know why did it hurt so much, he hated her didn’t he  ? Rosea Black couldn’t believe her luck, that Helen was totally wiped out from James’s life. She wanted to celebrate but felt that would be inappropriate at the moment. She called James and asked him if he would like to have her company, James denied .At this moment he wanted some time alone.


Helen was still weak, but she had no physical injury, the sedation was wearing off and she was regaining consciousness. The NEWS channels were announcing the names of those feared dead, and Mrs. Helen James SMith were amongst those who may have been killed, as per circumstantial evidence.Much was unclear to the police and investigating emergencies. Alfred and Patrick , both thought it proper to forget about Helen’s life with James, it was a relationship based on a heap of lies. This kind of paper marriage was better to be forgotten. Helen must move forward in her life.


James, sat alone in the study, re membering time spent with Helen. They were so happy and enjoyed each other’s company, he remembered how Helen would seduce him sensually and he would readily give in without much resistance..then he remembered about Alfred..and that made James really angry…he screamed….aaaaaaaggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh.. Drinking away, James  lay down for a full week. The next week, he resumed  office work and turned into a workaholic . Rosea Black called him daily, to find how he was taking it all.Restless, she thought it was time to manipulate James again.


Rosea, visited James and coyly asked him about their engagement possibility.


James,” I don’t know. Not now “


Rosea,” But, you do want to marry me?”


James,” I don’t  know, anymore ..I just want some more time to think. Rosea , I don’t want to sound rude..but you had a miscarriage and the reason, I was marrying you was mostly for the unborn child ..”


Rosea,” darling. But you love me!!!”


James,”Honestly speaking, I have no longer any faith in the very concept of love. I don’t want to talk about this topic anymore.”


Rosea started to act fainting, and James caught her  as expected  Grand ma openned the study door to find them in a compromising position. She closed the door.


James, quickly stepped away from Rosea. He left the house. Suddenly, the very presence of Rosea  was suffocating him. He never could understand, how can he ever love this woman. She never touched his feelings like Helen. Rosea never made him laugh nor feel comfortable, all Rosea did was …..nothing. James was sure, for him Rosea meant nothing.


Rosea after leaving the study went to meet Grandma.


Rosea,” Grandma, May I ?”


Grandma,” Sure”


Rosea,” I came ..because you saw us together. james wants us to get married, now that Helen is no more with him. Grand ma. James loves me, you know that. Can you not make him happy. I so much want him to come out of this melancholy life.”


Grandma,” What do you suggest?”


Rosea, “Announce our engagement. I can understand that due to so much turmoil in his life, James is  love for him will bring him out of this depression, that is eating a cancer.”


Grand ma,” Okay. I will see to it , but first I must talk with James.”


Rosea Black, was  not interested about what James would say.She reached home and dialed a local fashion magazine reporter and gave him a juicy tip. James Smith would be getting engaged to Rosea Black, she emailed  their  picture taken during honeymoon, it had dates to prove that even during his marriage with Helen, he had been loyal to his  lover and not his legal wife.This story, would be a real hit.


Helen was finally released from hospital. She was admitted as Helen Patrick and that was what was written on the discharge slip. Helen, couldn’t stop tears that rolled down her eyes. Suddenly, she turned to Alfred.


Helen,” Alfred. I don’t know how it happened but DNA report  confirms that you are the father of my child. I know its false, but how to  prove that “


Alfred,” I think..I should  investigate this matter, with the help of a private detective.”


Patrick, ” Helen. Just forget all that. You were never meant to be Mrs, James, it was Sophia’s fate that you took and now, we all are facing these e  problems and issues.”


Helen,” I know..but I want to clear my name..only..”


Patrick,” Helen. I didn’t tell you but there was a news in a local paper that James and Rosea would shortly get engaged.”


Helen,” Oh! I..see”


Alfred,” I would still want an investigation to this false DNA report.”


Three of them went to Patrick’s apartment. It was best for them for the moment.

Rosea Black was answering as many phone calls and reporters as possible. She wanted publicity and she was getting it all . James got his share of enquiries too, but he after receiving a couple and denying its authenticity directed all further calls to his secretary’s lines.He must stop Rosea.


James, left his office and planned to confront Rosea at her Condo. But , unannounced visits can be revealing and hurt too. Rosea was carefree, she didn’t think that James would react so quickly, maybe she got over confident..and that kills.Tony was feeling uneasy, as if the acceleration mode of full speed by Rosea can lead to a fatal accident.He tried to advise her, but she was not in a mood to listen. Rosea, was arguing with Tony unaware that James was inside her Condo.


Tony,” Rosea. You are crazy! Why are you telling everyone who calls, that you are getting married to James?”


Rosea,” Because. I am”


Tony,” But . james told you clearly, that he is not..”


Rosea,” Shut up! That fool..he doesn’t know what he is doing. He believed me all this time and after I swapped the DNA reports, I have made him throw Helen out of his life. know what? GOd is on my side..Helen is dead..


ha h aha..poor thing..I didn’t kill her..she got  blasted..first from James then in many pieces would that be..guess many..since she was pregnant with james children! twins..right”


Tony,” Stop are drunk and you are really an idiot!. Can’t you see.that james is still in a shock”


Rosea,” Of course..He is in a shock.Last time he was in a shock .I got him drugged and told him he made love to me and got me pregnant. He believed me..Didn’t he?.


Tony,” Yes. But this time. It is different..can’t you see.”


Rosea,” Tony..Don’t worry. I know what I am doing. After, the media makes a 100% blown up story on our  scandal. james would have no choice but to marry me. After all, his business must not suffer. “


Tony,” I are wrong this time..I have a gut feeling that I can not explain..”


James,” I can..your because I know what Rosea I know the truth.”


Rosea,” oh! did you come in?”


James,” In time… I don’t hate you..I came to stop you from spreading the rumor. But I think….I should do something more than just asking…let me think..and don’t you worry..I will make it slow.”

James called up the detective branch and asked them to investigate Grandma’s accident and murder of the driver, he wanted to know who swapped the names atDNA report, who was trying to  make his life miserable.Alfred, visited the hospital to recheck his DNA profile to see how was it possible for him to be wrongly reported.


MIT academic staff were happy to know that Helen was alive but failed to understand why names were getting changed for the third time, first it was Sophia Foster, then it became Helen James Smith and now she wanted to write, Helen Patrick.After, much pursuance and formal submission of affidavit, Helen was able to submit her final thesis and she left Boston.


Alfred, got the report and was happy that he was not the father, not that he didn’t like Helen but then he never want something that doesn’t belong to him.Jane, met Alfred on the steps of the hospital. She was with her boy friend. Alfred, just exchanged few greetings and left, he didn’t feel sad.


James, was waiting for the police to report but there was not much progress. He was totally depressed, remembering his last word to Helen and Rosea’s words echoed,” James’ children twins ..” It was hurting too much and he started to  drink again..


Helen, was  leaving Boston for good and was waiting to  board the plan for New York. last time, she thought let me call James. She dialled, and he picked up her phone.she didn’t have the guts to talk to him. She put it off. It was over.


Rosea Black realized that she must now concentrate elsewhere. Therefore, she returned to her prostitution activities. Two elderly gentlemen were leading a sexless marriage, and their wives were gone for the weekend, to Las Vegas. Rosea black, collected her team, she had four young girls ranging from 20 years to accompany her , along with two men, one was fair as snow and other black as night. She had it all planned. The  venue was beside the pool side, a tent was prepared and lights were displayed, such that the silhouette, can be seen on the curtains that draped the inmates. Both gentlemen were given massage by the young girls and were aroused to the extent, that they forgot about everything, then Rosea had an enticing session with the two men, combining a coupling that made it hard for the men to resist. It lasted for two hours, and made them satisfied.Rosea got paid handsomely and she shared it with her team.Her  work was her life and she was planning to make most of it.


Police returned to James after a long gap of six months. They hadevience that Tony was behind the murder of James’ driver. Tony was  arrested and confessed after remand to have followed Rosea Black’s instruction in doing all the scheming and criminal activities. Police  was planning to arrest Rosea , but her connections with some rich influential men got her anticipatory bail, she was told not to leave the city without saying hello at the  local police station. Roses felt trapped, but knew any harm to james would put her behind bars for good. She  now was minus Tony.


Rosea was searching Tony’s room when she found a hidden door. She opened it and found a huge collection of negatives, CD, DVD, tapes  of all her sexual encounters . She quickly destroyed, all with patience. She closed the secret door from inside, and watched and listened to each recording  before putting it in the incinerator. She was unhappy to destroy, but then police was after her. She then called up her team and made the room totally devoid of any recordings. New bedsheets, new sofa, new paintings were replacing all old  items , making it impossible to tell, if anything belonged to Tony. She made two of her girls take over Tony’s room and they loved the spaciousness.


Rosea  rented a house in the suburbs. It was time to leave the centre and  live a little away from fire. Investigations revealed Rosea’s background. She was a victim of child trafficking, at the age of 13 years she was kidnapped from her foster  parent’s  house. She was a pretty girl, long black hair and fair skin. The kidnappers sold her to an under world mafia, who were dealing with drugs. The second  in command was a man in his early forties, he was feeling lonely and when he saw Rosea. He thought, to have her before he let her go. His name was  Mark. That night, he told Rosea to take a bath and come to his room, naked. She did as told. Mark was pleased to see, that Rosea was not wailing or crying, he told her to sit  and watch porn movies. As the pornstars were doing, Rosea felt wet and aroused, Mark asked her, if she could do all that with him. Rosea nodded. Then she copied  blow job . Mark asked her, if she was a virgin. Rosea denied, she told Mark while she was at her foster  parent’s house, the milkman who used to come early in the morning, had taken her to a shed and then made love to her. Mark out of interest said, you mean raped? Rosea denied. She said, I like men and I love to make love. Mark, said no more. He had found a full time whore, to please him . After three years, Mark sold her to another  man. Rosea, was visiting clients when  she met Tony and they both escaped. Rosea had stolen jewelries from the clients’ wife closets. She was able to make herself, look rich.She had trapped James, after seeing him at the concerts.


The  police informed  James, that although they are unable to trace helen, but they have records that helen passed from MIT.


Alfred was able to finally convince Helen that, it was best to be with a friend than for a man, who ended a relationship so quickly. Helen, moved in with Alfred. Patrick was happy for Helen , hoping that sooner or later, helen would be able to move ahead . James. kept track of Helen, he was present when Helen gave birth to his children. He even went to the father’s room and waited. Alfred was also present with his parents, but they didn’t notice James. James, then put the names Richard and Raymond on the tags, before he left the hospital. Helen, was so happy when the nurse brought in the twins wrapped in blues. She recognized James hand writing, a  smile came over her face. She named them as James wanted. There was a sense of togetherness but they remained distant. Helen, later called James  both remained silent , as if the very connection spoke everything, that never could be said with words.


After getting discharged, Alfred’s parents suggested that they jointly live, Helen agreed. Since, that day nobody asked any questions. Each day, Helen would  upload her twins photograph on her blog, she hoped that James would find it interesting. Her blog was called, Mrs. James Twins.


James was a regular follower. But he never posted any comments. Helen, kept on posting each day, but today there was no posting.James got worried, that was unusual. Was Helen alright ?


Helen, was worried as doctors pressured her to get James for the bone marrow transplant.How would she ask, what if James refused.She had loaded so many videos and pictures of the twins, but James had never commented. Did he read it or not. Does he accept them? Helen, was hopeful, because james had given them names, why would he if he didn’t feel anything. Maybe, James was with Rosea, she did hear about their engagement plans, but never really had the urge to follow up. SHe now wanted to know, if James was with Rosea or not. Can she return to james. Will everything be back as was before, that night.


Helen was with Alfred, but never would she burden him with her worries. Alfred, was pacing up and down in the waiting lounge.Finally, he collected his energy and dialled James  phone.

The birth of twins was the best thing that ever happened in James life, since the dark night. He wanted to be with Helen, but then he didn’t have the guts to do that, not after what he said to Helen. James had found out of Helen’s registration, that she had written the name of James as the father.Suddenly, he felt like a recipient of some extraordinary award. The day, the police had informed that helen was alive, it was like he started to live again. It didn’t matter, if Helen was far , all it mattered was she was alive and well. He was constantly keeping a track of Helen.


She had moved with Alfred, and both were living as a couple. helen’s daily upload of Raymond and Richard with videos was like meeting them daily. Helen had even taken a picture of the  twins, keeping James picture as a backdrop.James, was sure that Helen still loved him. But, the way he had reacted with her , made him uneasy.


He used his influence to get Helen projects and she had a very strong design concept , so it wasn’t much that she needed just a boost, and she was doing just great. james was still her husband, for the divorce papers were never signed by James after the accident at the airport.


Today, it was uneasy feeling. The phone rang.


James,” yes.”


Alfred,” It is me. Alfred.”


James,” Yes. Is Helen okay?”


Alfred,” It is not Helen but Richard..”


James,”What happened to him?”


Alfred, was a bit surprised. James didn’t ask who Richard was..that is strange.”


Alfred,” he had an accident and he need blood and maybe bone marrow..the surgeon..”


James,” Don’t worry. I am coming.”


James quickly got his seats and Grandma followed.James took all his medical records, to avoid any delays.


Helen was much relieved to know that James was coming.

James accompanied by Grandma, boarded plane for reaching as quickly as possible. The past life flashed in front of his eyes as if, it was only yesterday. After Helen left and a phone call alarmed him about the bomb blast at the plane, he was wishing that Helen to be safe. But, the police didn’t find her. It was a dark abysmal, in his soul. james, felt that he was drowning. he didn’t want to live. How he missed and yearned for Helen,  then he found a letter written to him, by his wife.


My dear James,


Today, I am leaving you physically but my heart would always miss a beat whenever your name would be mentioned. I have always being a great fan of your music. Unfortunately, the tragic accident of your parents led you to totally leave music. Since, the day I saw you at Sophia’s  party, and maybe even before, I don’t really remember when, but you are my first love and after you I don’t need anyone, anymore. I know, you don’t believe me but there is something fishy about, the DNA test. The way grandma was targeted and the driver’s murder. I feel, there is someone who is after you or your family. I hope, I am wrong and that there is no links between all these incidents.


James, I got the medical report, we will have twins  ) You should name one and I will name the other. If, by that time you are with me. When, Sophia was getting married to you, I didn’t like it and to tell you the truth, I loved every moment that I shared with you. I know, you hate me but I am sure, when you will know the truth, you will forgive me. Love me? I don’t know. I didn’t think, that you would divorce me, but you did and even if it is for a misunderstanding but we were together for a short period only. You know, if time was on rewind and I knew all this would happen still, I would marry you.


I am crazy about you.


take care.






ps:  Hope we meet again, soon.




James, kept on reading and re-reading the letter .He had this as the last note from Helen. Fortunately, the investigation revealed that helen was alive and had passed her architecture degree. That day, James  felt so happy. he couldn’t stop smiling. He had put a private detective on Helen. each day helen lived, James knew about it. The doctor looking after Helen, was also in surveillance. Finally,the day came for twins arrival. James, went to witness and he was so happy that he wanted to dance. He had a grand party organized and Grandma was happier than him. James, started to compose music and lyrics flowed, and he was able to  live again, for music was his life.


He had tripled the grants that were earlier dispersed for orphanage.He was working harder for making a great empire for his hiers. His sons, Richard and Raymond. He was hoping that helen , finds the tags and that she names the boys as he wanted, it was like a King wishing for things to happen in his kingdom. James was happy and he was hopeful, that someday he would be reunited with his family.


Helen’s blog, pictures, video clips and updates kept him happy. He knew everything almost and it was encouraging. But, he couldn’t find the strength to face Helen. Secondly, she was living with Alfred. It was an arrangement only but still, James was finding that difficult to overlook.


Today, it was different James was helping Helen. Hoping that things turn out in his favor. He was hoping that Helen, will come back to him for he didn’t know how to ask her to make him complete,once again. grandma touched James hands reassuringly.


Grandma,” I know, how your heart must be racing and mind is totally filled with thoughts. Just concentrate on your son’s recovery. He is in the most urgent need, for his father. “


James,” I don’t know how she will react.”


Grandma,” You know Helen. She is your wife, still. I am sure she will be reasonable.”


James and Grandma plane landed at the airport. As, they were entering, James could see Helen. She looked so frail and beautiful, she was not looking as radiant as she used to..but..then Helen saw James. She started to run towards him. James and Helen hugged and kissed each other, as if they were always together tears rolled down. They felt a  pair of small hands wriggling  it was their son trying to get in between. james, lifted him up and hugged him. his small arms were tight around James neck. Alfred was waiting with car  outside, James with Helen settled in one car and the other car took Grandma and Alfred.


Helen,” I am so happy you came , even if its for..”


James,” Not now. Not in front of know ..he smiled”


Helen was so happy, to have James with her again. She was getting the feel, that things would return to normal. Time for a comeback.

They reached the hospital. Surgeon David met them in the chamber. He then took James for test and Helen waited with Raymond. They returned and James got admitted, for bone marrow and blood transfusions. The process was slow and time for needed for recovery. Helen, watched the process. Standing beside Raymond, she kept on telling him don’t worry, your father is here..Raymond smiled.


At home, Grandma and Alfred’s parents were discussing what to do or expect.Alfred was not much worried, or he had  hidden his feelings for the time. Jane had arrived too. It was lunch time, although Grandma wanted to leave but they insisted her to stay longer, fearing something may happen.


Surgeon David had good news. James and Raymond were fine and it was a very timely transfusion.Except few medications for Richard, nothing else was serious. James was now relaxed and Raymond was asleep. Helen was sitting in Richard’s room, when James carrying Raymond entered.


Helen,” Why are you not resting?”


James,” sssh..” motioning Helen to come out, he placed Raymond on the sofa bed.


James,” I am resting.But..I am also happy”


Helen,” me too”


James,” Are you married to Alfred?”


Helen,” Yes.”


James,” But..we are still married “


Helen,” made me sign the divorce paper.”


James,” Yes. But I didn’t sign those.. and I had actually torn it..after hearing about the blast at the plane.”






Helen,” to..”


James,” You want to be with me ..?”


Helen”Of course…”


James,” You don’t have to worry about a thing. I am calling my lawyers, they will sort  out the legality of this issue.”


James made few calls to his lawyers and Alfred. After, an hour he returned smiling.


James,” So..Mrs. James Smith..what is for dinner?”


Helen.” You mean.. you completed everything?”


James,” No. But, I started the process. I am sure, everything would fall back into it’s place.But.. I want to know, how was it possible for you to forgive me, after all I did to you”


Helen,” I never thought that it was your fault. I mean, you did say lots of rude things to me and was furious, but somehow . I felt, that you did that because you  loved me.And..although there wasn’t much to hope.but when you wrote Richard and Raymond names on their tags. I felt. we belong together. I married Alfred, on paper only. he was also feeling guilty, in the sense that he was responsible for my disappearing from the hotel, during our honey moon. The reason , Rosea had a trump card.”


James,” Don’t even talk about her. I had enough of her games.”

James,” Don’t even talk about her. I had enough of her games.”


Helen,” Our sons, they want a real father and I want my husband..the real one back ” Helen, was teasing his shirt collar.


James,” Me too. I want my wife and my sons with me..I have missed all the special moments..and I just don’t want to waste think you can return with me …”


Helen,” On one condition.”


James,” Yes.”


Helen,” You  will carry me.”


James,” Now?’


Helen smiled.They both started laughing. Nurse passing by, told them to be silent its a hospital. Few days passed and Richard was discharged. All legal documents were also finalized. Alfred and Helen signed on the divorce papers.




Helen, hugged the family, who had treated her with so much love and respect without questioning her, and even now letting her go. Richard and Raymond were too young to understand everything they were confused. it was good that their age wouldn’t let scars in their personality.


 ames was extremely happy, he got an entire family with him. Felt good. Felt alive. Grandma, was busy with her great grand children. Helen, was chirpy with arrangements for settling their sons. James suggested to give them independent rooms. Huge well furnished and airy. Grandma, shifted from ground level to first as she wanted to watch the children.


But, there was a tiny problem. The boys didn’t want to sleep in their room at night .


James was eyeing Helen, then what to do was the question going round and round. He can not wait , sensing his unrest, Grandma suggested that kids should be with her.


Grandma, ” I missed you two so much , so wouldn’t you be with me rather than with your mom and dad?”


Richard,” But, grandma we want to be with mommy.”


Raymond,” why can’t we all stay together  “


Grandma,” And miss all the fun?”


Both wanted to know what fun. Grandma finally convinced them, that it can only be found out without their parents presence in the room.Boys agreed, and that gave James a relief.


Helen was excited too. But, she didn’t know that James was hungry like a wolf.It was a passionate reunion and both wanted  the night to last longer. But nothing last forever, and nights must end with dawn.


Romance was in the air and children got busy with their school. Helen was not working, she was rather lazy. James, had asked her, if she wanted he could set up an office for her consultancy. Helen, didn’t know how to tell but then she gathered all her happiness and gave a huge smile looking int o the eyes of her beloved husband. James, felt something was special in that twinkle.


James,”Helen, you got something to share with me ?”


Helen,”Yes, I do. “


James,” I am listening, my dear wife.What is it?”


Helen,” You know, that we ..I” she blushed


James,” You are …”


Helen nodded as James placed his hand on her belly. They were both laughing.


Rosea black was continuing with her life. She had many clients and her make over was stunning. The rich married elites found her to be exotic and erotic. They paid her well and directly. No longer was Tony her middle man.


The police investigations were narrowing down but each time she managed to slip. Tony was killed in an accident, there was a remote chance for anyone to get her tracked. But, the fear remained and sometimes she felt depressed.


Police, finally got a lead. The nurse from the laboratory, who could identify Rosea. He took her to meet Rosea posing as a client. But, Rosea could feel, the body language talked to her. She knew, that it was police and she quickly left her house, and didn’t return for a full week.


Police, realized that she was extra ordinary woman. Shrewd and beautiful, what can be more deadly, a dagger that can kill you with a smile.


This chase was taking longer but Inspector Bradley , was keen and dedicated.

Helen and James got her first CD for her progressing pregnancy. Again, she was expecting twins.


James : I am feeling really excited. Each time we got a twins. I am really so happy.


Helen : Yes, I am feeling that too. But, James ..I have to be careful too.


James: Of course. I will make sure, you follow everything the doctor has instructed. No more moving around and your work needs to get limited.


Helen: I know. That’s why I am worried. I took up projects, thinking this time I would have ..


James: Listen. Don’t worry. You keep the concepts original and we would hire other architects to fill in the your place. Temporarily.


Helen knew, James would like to be sure that nothing goes wrong, neither did she want any miscarriages  or other complications.


Grandma was over filled with joy. ” Oh ! How wonderful! I am so excited!”


Richard and Raymond were happy and together they asked, if they could get sisters  )


James, agreed ..”Yes! why not!”


Helen:” Let us hope for healthy children. Boys or girls, that is not so important.”


Patrick visited the Smith’s mansion and had brought gifts for , Richard and Raymond. James, appreciated the gifts and told sons to take care of the funny train with jumping monkey.


Another huge party was organised as the days to delivery got closer.


Finally, the expected time of arrival and Helen was admitted a day earlier than her delivery date.


At 10.00 am, two lovely  twin girls were born. Everyone was jumping with joy. The room for the twins was perfectly designed and soon they reached the mansion.


Everyone was suggesting names for the twins. Helen, had few and James also got some but Raymond and Richard wanted equality. Yes, they wanted to get the chance to name their sister, each one must get to name one.


Richard, ” I want to name ” Elizabeth ” and her  pet name would be Beth


Raymond,” I like to name, ” Josephine ” and her pet name would be Joe


Grand mother was all smiles and looking at James and Helen, she winked.


The grand party had many guests, everyone bought a gift.It was a family reunion, as Sophia and   Fosters were also attending the party. Patrick was already staying with the family. Alfred arrived with Jane. Suddenly, a woman so beautiful entered the room, it was Rosea Black.


What was she doing here ? was the question racing in the minds of the host. She was introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Charleston Brown. She looked very different, but it was her.


Helen, ” Did we invite them ?”


James,” I don’t think so, but Charleston Brown..that name is familiar. Maybe, he is her new catch.”


Charleston Brown was a man in his late sixties, he was a widower but had re-married. Rosea, was introduced as, “ Cristina”


Cristina was stunning, in her appearance with her perfect curves and dazzling eyes. She moved towards the twins, Elizabeth James Smith and Josephine James Smith.


Cristina,” You always have twins ?”


Helen,” Yes.”


James,” Mrs. Charleston , your husband is calling you . Please this way”


Patrick was eyeing Charleston, with much curiously .He looked familiar. Suddenly, he realized he resembled Helen and Sophia’s mother. Patrick, went to meet Mr. Charleston. however, Carolina thinking that Patrick wanted to talk about her past life, quickly took Charleston away.


Carolina pulled him behind the curtain and walked into the terrace, earlier she thought her presence would make James uncomfortable, but now she was feeling awkward. She wanted to leave but she started to kiss her husband  and whispered her desires for him. Charleston was a bit amazed, but then he didn’t think it wise to question his wife. Both left, making some excuse about an appointment.


Helen, ” Shouldn’t we inform the police”


James,” Yes. But we need to be careful. You must have  noticed that Rose Black has totally done a new look. Her hair color style and her eyes all looks different. Even her nose. I think she did spend a lot of Charleston money on surgeries for a new look. Why did she come? I can not still understand her motive.


Helen ,” She is dangerous. She has murdered people. I don’t want her to plot any new schemes to disturb my family”


The party was a success but Helen was disturbed. She needs to be on guard again. Rosea is back and she is darker than black.


Rosea Black , now Carolina was pacing up and down their bedroom. Charleston wanted to stay at the library.She couldn’t believe he found books to be more attractive than herself. Idiot she thought, then in order to make herself cool needed a massage and some hot water steam.


Carolina, ” Yes. Betty  I want to get my  massage before steam bath.”


Betty,” Yes. ma’am. “


Betty was the personal trainer for Carolina. She came with gold cream used for massaging Carolina’s perfect body. Carolina stepped out of her robe,her body was like a Greek goddess come  alive.Betty ,started her massage. She then took some scent in her hands, and started applying near her forehead. Carolina was feeling drowsy, as she fell into a deep sleep. Betty, called for her male assistant to carry Carolina for the steam bath. She was totally unconscious, as she was submerged into the perfumed water in the latest Jacuzzi, imported from Germany. Tom Jones, the assistant trainer inserted the vibrator inside her and made her cum, she was so beautiful but he couldn’t have her. And master wanted her tired and sleepy before he returned to bed.


Tom ,” Betty”


Betty,”Yes. I am just coming”


Tom,” Where is the night dress?”


Betty,” Oh! I forgot to bring. Just wait a second.”


Down at library, Mr. Charleston was waiting for Carolina to be totally asleep. He regretted the day, he went to Rosea Black’s suburb home and was trapped. She had mixed something in his drink , later she showed him his indecent pictures.


He had to marry her and give her a new name. He knew, she was dangerous but killing her slowly was the only way to escape any kind of suspicion. Informing the detective, would expose him too, at his age he didn’t want any scandal, especially as he was one of those nominated for the best script writer. Rosea knew about his much awaited  nomination letter, she had convinced the committee to nominate him,  when he offered her only money . She was angry with him. But, it was Rosea who planned every act in zen coolness.


A snake, changing skins and becoming more poisonous with each victim.


Tom , was feeling sad for Carolina, totally ignorant of the venom her body contained. He wanted her for himself..Betty was delaying  intentionally, she knew where the dress was but she wanted to keep Tom looking at Carolina and get aroused.


Betty waited in her room for Tom Jones to come. He came but he didn’t want her, not tonight. He was sure, he just wanted  Carolina.


The butler announced, Mr.Patrick. Mr. Charleston didn’t want to meet, that was the moment Patrick , sent him the picture of the blue diamond.


Charleston waited in his library. Thoughts were passing like wild fire.


Patrick,” Sir. I am Patrick “


Charleston,” Why you sent me the picture of the blue diamond?”


Patrick,” Perhaps, you remember the unique diamond and its setting …”


Charleston, ” Yes. This was part of our ancestral collection. But, I am not interested to buy it back from you.”


Patrick, ” I want to know, exactly who was the lady that kept it for her newly born ..”


Charleston didn’t let him finish, as if the very mention was  enough. “What do you want to know and why?”


Patrick ,” Mrs. Helen James Smith, is one of the twin daughters , whom I had taken care of since her birth. her other sister, Sophia was also at the party. “


Charleston, ” Really!”


Patrick ,” Yes. When I looked at you I sort of remembered you but I couldn’t place it right away. Later, I recalled, it was you who had told Helen’s mother that she gave birth to a dead son.”


Charleston,” There was no other way. My sister, Charlotte Bonnet was  in love with Mike Sanders. But she was suppose to marry,Peter  William “


Patrick, ” Mike Sanders, the famous artist!turned fashion  designer”


Charleston,” Those days, Mike was a struggling artist. He is and was  very much in love with Charlotte. But, our estate was financially in trouble. We wanted Peter to bail us out.”


Patrick, ” But..why not give the twins to her father?”


Charleston,” I panicked. I was called by William Foster towards the time of delivery. His wife had miscarriages, and this time if she lost her child, it would mean he would  lose his wife.”


Patrick ,” Go on..”


Charleston,” I then told him, whether the child was a girl or a boy, he can take it right from the maternity ward. His wife gave birth to a dead boy. That I showed to Charlotte, she was shocked.But, she couldn’t fight anymore.”


Patrick,” Where is Charlotte?”


Charleston, ” She was married to Peter, but she never loved him. After, few years, Peter divorced her and remarried.”


Patrick,” You never went to William Foster?”


Charleston,” No. He would have got into a problem. I came to know that his daughter was doing well. I knew , he would love her as her very own.”


Patrick,” yes. he and his wife took very good care of Sophia.”


Charleston,” said Helen.”


Patrick, ” After you told your sister, about her giving birth to a dead son, she let go of the blue diamond . I picked it up and gave it to Helen, after she got married to James Smith.”


Charleston,” What will you do now?”


Patrick,” I have to see, if rediscovering the past is worth  or not ?”

Sitting on the wooden fence at the ranch Charlotte was sipping her morning coffee. The aroma was intoxicating, she had come to the ranch for creating a master piece. A talented artist, with some pain inside her, she never could love anyone after her Mike.



Mike Sanders,  had many  fashion designers coming into his studio much earlier than the meeting. They not only had to find a new and fresh artist, who could give a newness to the blank wall that would be the show stopper for the Fashion Le Style, closing for the Autumn collection.


Mike Sanders , looked out of his window and he saw a bird flying away and remembered Charlotte. Mike had many women after him, some of whom he had some physical relationships. But, no one was as like his Charlotte. Mike knew, about the delivery and death of his son. But, one thing always confused him, why would WilliamFoster take the body with him. But, Mike knew  it is not worth to indulge in past.


As, the artists started to enter his eyes caught Sophia. For a moment, he couldn’t move she was  exactly like Charlotte. Is she her child? Mike told himself, to remain silent. Maybe after the meeting or perhaps after the show, presently, he couldn’t take his eyes off her. Sophia could feel his stare, but failed to understand the reason.


The fashion  extra, had Autumn as theme, so the back drops of the stage would have computer generated scenes of landscape in Autumn. The models had all soft, breezy and cool look. The make-up team had device a glitter that, didn’t make it as particle with glow rather the entire skin would be glowing, a rather healthy look.


The musically team also arrived. They had softness and playfulness as the theme. Each cat walk, to get a perfect music for making the dress flow in coherence with the music flow.


Too many issues, but still Mike kept on looking at Sophia. Suddenly, he couldn’t take it anymore.


He asked Sophia to meet him for a private discussion.


Sophia, ” Yes. Mike?”


Mike,” Sophia…I want to ask you a personal question?”


Sophia, “Yes.”


Mike,” Who is your mother?”


Sophia,” I am the daughter of Fosters”


Mike,” I am sorry if I am getting too nosy. But is your mother’s name Charlotte?”


Sophia,” No.”


Sophia was thinking why does it matter to Mike , if she was the real daughter or not. And who is Charlotte?”


The meeting ended and Sophia just couldn’t wait any longer. Sitting at the lobby, she called up Patrick.


Patrick, “Hi”


Sophia,” I am sorry to disturb you.Do you have some time?”


Patrick,”yes. What is it?”


Sophia,” I came to a meeting  for Fashion parade. Mr. Sanders , ie Mike sanders is asking , if my mother’s name is Charlotte?”


Patrick,” yes it is. But.. Sophia are you  with him or left?”


Sophia,” I am talking to you from the main office lobby.”


Patrick,” Keep on staying there. I am coming. And Sophia, don’t say anything to him.”


Sophia,” Okay. But you are also getting me a bit worried.”


Patrick then called up Helen and asked her to pick him from his apartment and bring the blue diamond with you, was the instruction. Helen, informed James, about her to be visit with Patrick as the car drove towards the apartment.


Helen,” Papa. Whats the matter?”


Patrick,” I think, we got your real father”


Helen,” What? Really!!”


Patrick,” I said, I think.  I am not yet sure.”


The car took them to the office. They then went to the secretary for asking to meet Mike.


Secretary,”But. Sir has another meeting “


Patrick,” Just for five minutes.”


Secretary,” Let me ask. Who should I say, wants to meet?”


Patrick,” Blue Diamond”


Mike,” Yes. “


Secretary,” Sir, do you have five minutes to spare?”


Mike,” No. But who wants my time?”


Secretary,” Blue Diamond”


Mike,” Send him”


Patrick, Helen and Sophia they all entered Mike’s studio office. Mike, was amazed to see the twins. They were replicas of Charlotte. He kept on looking from one to another. Patrick took the blue diamond from Helen, and gave it to Mike.


Mike, took it and tears rolled down his cheeks.Patrick, gently pushed the two twins towards Mike.


Patrick,” Charlotte’s twins, and if I am not wrong , your’s too”


Mike,” Oh My God! “


It was a tearful reunion. Mike hugged them so tight, as if he wanted to capture all that time.


Mike,” How? I am so happy. I am totally lost. How? How  did I not know about you two?”


Patrick,” It is a long story. But let me make it short. Your twins, were swapped with the dead child of Fosters”


Mike,” Oh! that’s why he took the child’s body with him.”


Patrick,” Yes. Foster’s  wife came to know about the truth, just when Sophia was getting married.”


Mike,” You are married?”


Helen” We both got married the same day”


Mike,” I am so happy. I miss Charlotte. I think, some of my pain would go by looking at you two. You look exactly like your mother. I was staring at Sophia, because I couldn’t believe that she looked so similar to my Charlotte.”


Helen.” Are you married?”


Mike,” No. I wanted to many times, came close to marrying too. But, I just couldn’t”


Patrick,” I know that Charlotte was married to Peter William. But, they have divorced.”


Mike,” Is Charlotte alive?”






Last September, this day I wanted to write a story from today one year after. I am writing..yes better late than never




Watching the lawn from the window Helen was feeling happy. her project was under review by the board for its implementation. She had done most of the checking regarding design, cost, construction method and most importantly, profit margins. A smile was making her eyes shine. Sometimes, in life, inner happiness is a source for young looks.




Her husband, Alfred was talking over the phone with his first love, Jane. Helen never complained, only a soft look if anyone else was approaching.




They were a seemingly perfect couple, Helen was an architect and Alfred was in Investment Returns, both were highly educated and talented as professionals. Helen had twins from her first marriage, but everyone thought it was Alfred’s..only the couple knew the truth. So, Helen had no relationship with Alfred, nothing more than a paper marriage. However, they were very close bosom friends. Helping each other in every possible way. Alfred’s parents  were happy with their grand children , but nowadays they felt insecure. Jane was coming closer to Alfred , once more.




Phone rang..thrice and the butler answered..just in moments he rushed towards Helen, “Madame, master Richard had fallen from the boundary wall and is bleeding, profusely, ” he said.




Helen, ” What?”  she started to run motioning Alfred to join. Without any questions, Alfred hung up on Jane and both drove away. Anxious and worried. Reaching the hospital, surgeons were moving and asking for formalities to be completed . Helen  holding the shoulder of Raymond, hoping his twin gets the best medical treatment. Helen, couldn’t understand one thing, why was it so serious, it was not the first time boys have jumped from heights..Like everyone says. boys will be boys..




Surgeon David, had a grim look as he entered the room. Looking at Helen, he asked the couple to let Raymond stay in the waiting area.




Surgeon,” Mr. seems your DNA is not matching with your son?”




Alfred, ” Surgeon, actually the twins are legally mine but biologically they are not”




Surgeon, ” hmmm” but we have one problem, your wife’s blood is not matching and I am afraid,  Raymond’s blood we can not take for he had just recovered from malaria, leaving us one option, get his real father”




Helen was stunned..”Surgeon, please..I can not find his father , I don’t know where he is now.”




Surgeon, “I am sorry,but we urgently need to give him blood and bone marrow , or I am afraid we will not be able to ……”




The surgeon didn’t continue..leaving unsaid but the blow was huge..Alfred, taking helen to one side said, ” Look , we have to find him”


Helen felt helpless.but knowing that Alfred was right. She nodded. Always, accepting what was right, was how Helen was. She had moist eyes and walked towards the waiting room. Few minutes ago, she was so happy and now it was mission impossible,without James Bond. She could recall, her last meeting with her husband..not Alfred but James Smith.




The James Smith, singer composer, musician who excelled as a Business tycoon. had inherited a huge asset from his forefathers and had build it as an empire. There was not the question of finding Mr. Smith but of having the courage to face him again.




James as a teenager was into music, his first album was out when he was only 13 years old. By 15 years, he was on the top..Helen though 10 years old was totally in-love with this wizard. like the remaining  girls.Shrieking and yelling to control oneself from getting a heart attack. the songs were super duper hit..and all girls heart throb was James..oh Jamie!!! was called out loud where he went, so many kisses and hugs..everyone a fan.




Helen was no exception, she had kept the picture from a magazine in her small suitcase. She lived with her father , in the servant’s quarter of the huge mansion. Patrick, served the William Foster Family as a Butler, as his fore father has served. he was the keeper of many secrets. Proud father of Helen. Patrick had cared for Helen, since her mother had died at childbirth, unable to recover. Patrick never married, he as happy to have a daughter whom he named Helen. he used to say, you are not Helen of Troy but Helen for joy  )




At ten, Helen was smart she attended school and her father managed to get her in the best of school, as he was paid handsomely by the Fosters. Turning twelve, Helen looked pretty. She had auburn hair and green hazel eyes, her skin was soft and had a tan. She loved to play out door games. So, no matter how much the heat. She would join in to play. On this day, Sir William was very much upset with his daughter, named  Sophia. She was all the time interested in the household chores and not paying attention to the courses at school. Depressed and confused, Sophia walked on the lawn..then a football came smashing on her back .. Ouch!! Turning her head, she saw Helen.




For a couple of seconds both were alarmed , rather surprised. they were a look alike. Slowly, both girls moved towards each other. Extending their hands, touched. And Jumped.You are real!! was a chorus. wow!!




Helen and Sophia, were so happy hat without even thinking, they were hugging and giggling. Oh my God! said Sophia. I can not believe it! I mean, that you look just like me. Helen acknowledged. yes..isn’t that interesting, just like a movie. Hmmmm…Sophia’s turn, So, my image, may I ask, who are you?




Helen,” I am Helen, of Joy daughter of Patrick”




Sophia, Ahan and I am your shadow  .no no.. I am Sophia, daughter of William Foster “




Helen, “you mean the Foster, William Sir?”




Yes madame, was Sophia’s reply.




Both laughed and chatted. Sophia forgot where she was and what time it was, but Helen made her look at the sky..and yes its time to go.




From that day, both became secret friends. Whenever, they could they would meet each other. Exams were nearing and the finals were here.




Sophia was having trouble keeping up with science subjects, but her father wouldn’t give up.So, she had to give in. Talking to Helen, Sophia said, “Why do people come up with courses that I fail to understand.




Helen,” Sophia, its really interesting, why don’t you just open up your mind”




Sophia,” You mean literally crack up?”




Helen smiled. She then floated an idea, “Look, you want to pass or not”




Sophia, ” For my dear Father “




Helen,” My shadow, think it is done”




Sophia, ” You mean it?”




Helen, ” yes, I am so smart!! you know me  , I will sit for you in the upcoming exams and pass out too. with flying colors”




Sophia,” And also, get me rusticated with a black eye”




Helen,” No one would know, it is our secret”




Sophia was was against her principle.. but Helen was also right..oh! God! why do I have to decide everything




Time passed and now only one month was remaining. Sophia convinced herself that Helen could do it..but what about her exams ?




Helen, told Sophia she will come, no matter what. How? Your father is strict but not mine. So, on the exam day we will swap places. o fcourse, you will do the best for me and I will for you












That was the beginning of a mutual trust between the two look alike.


Studied hard both, Sophia and Helen. Exam..the big day..Sophia bought exactly similar dresses and both wore, as they arrived at the exam center, Helen took Sophia’s ID and same did Sophia. Results got announced, and Sophia had passed with flying colors. Mr Foster , was really happy at his daughter’s score. Helen, passed only.




Patrick was eyeing Helen, and was walking up and down. Suddenly, he stopped and asked, ” You know Sophia , from long time don’t you?”




Helen, ” Sophia?”




Patrick,”yes, my little actress..the girl for whom you gave the A level exams and her result is awesome..because you gave it for her .”




Helen, ” But..father how do you know”




Patrick, ” My eyes maybe getting old and I see blurred images but, my dear my sight is still perfect.”




Helen,” Well, since you know everything.. why didn’t you stop or ask before”




Patrick,” I know many things, my dear little one, but I never tell you everything. For, I am butler. However, this directly, effects you and relates to your future.”




Helen, ” What do you expect from me?”




Patrick,” Sorry would do, for a start.Remember, it is your life too. Maybe, Sophia is a look alike, but she has her life. Passing exams doesn’t make her intelligent  nor you less. helping others’ is a virtue, but giving them this second hand result. That is a crime. You have cheated and made her too.”




Helen. ” But I was helping only, father”




Patrick,” You should have taught her the subject, if you wanted to help not replace her!”




Helen,” just this once , not anymore”




Patrick,” You are missing out one important factor. Mr Foster, wanted Sophia to score high, for getting admission in Architecture. After, this brilliant score. do you think, Sophia can make a u-turn and do music.”




Helen,” I never thought that part ..”




Patrick,” Now, you have to get ready and also complete the graduation , unless you want to face the  consequence of imposing as his daughter.”




Helen,” What do you suggest?”




Patrick,” tell Mr. and Mrs. Foster, and we will leave from here, immediately.” I have some savings and we can go to another city and I am old, but can support you”




Sophia ,” Please, sir..not now..not right away.” Pleading eyes, searched Patrick face, trying to find empathy.




Patrick,” Excuse me Madame, but I am at my quarter, and you are not suppose to tell me what to do”




Sophia, ” my father is really happy, he has planned a mega party and if at his moment we tell him, then mother would get a heart attack. You don’t want me to be an orphan, do you?”




Helen,” Party!!! who is coming?”




Sophia,” I have requested, father to invite..your Jamie!!!”




Helen,” Please, father..I really want to see him.Please..please.”




Patrick didn’t have courage to deny, his daughter’s pleading eyes. and he agreed, with a promise that very soon Helen and Sophia would tell everyone at home the truth. The celebration cards were posted and all minute details for the grand evening accomplished. New dresses were made for Sophia, she was clever enough to make two.




Sophia,” Look, which one do you choose?”




Helen.”This blue is so lovely, you  should wear it”




Sophia,” will wear the burgundy?”




Helen,” Are you Okay, if anyone even looks at me..they would know something is fishy”




Sophia,” I have this solid plan, the first part of the celebrations, you attend because it has the speeches and all. You wear the burgundy dress, then  during dinner, just trip or slip and make an excuse for changing the dress. Come upstairs and then I will go down, when the music starts, I want to be there and you can watch from my room. I have got the CCTV checked..don’t worry.”




Helen,” Are you sure?”




Sophia,” Absolutely!”










Helen and Sophia, both got dressed, waiting patiently. The party begun, and all guests were pouring in , so many beautiful people. Helen, was stunning in her flowing burgundy dress. Those looking at her must have felt ..hhmmm. Mr. and Mrs. Foster were very proud and were introducing Helen , as Sophia to everyone. Helen, kept on nodding her head and drinking juices, then mr. Foster proudly gave a speech and mentioned very precisely, that he has made  plans for Sophia to get a degree in Architecture and be part in the real estate . Helen, then got a glimpse of James Smith. She got stunned, finding herself so close to this upcoming singer. She was introduced and got a handshake too.




Helen, was so happy that tears rolled down her cheeks. But she controlled her self and kept busy. But, her eyes were always searching James. She was in-love, as were other millions of girls. There were so many girls crowding over him and he was so popular. Wow! thought Helen, how lucky he is, his parents were also present at the party.Mr. Smith, was very high profile Telecommunication industrialist, and he owned satellites . Amazing, how big people are and yet they are humans. Dinner was served and time for Helen to leave, she didn’t find anyone noticing her , so she quietly left the party. One last glimpse, at James.. and she climbed up the stairs..unaware that as she was staring, he could feel it like a stab on his back.




The rest of the evening Sophia enjoyed the live concert.The music was thrilling and she danced, she tripped. Only to be rescued by a tall handsome smiling Douglas. He was too happy, that Sophia had fallen right into his arms. Both were glued, looking at each if. this was their night. Taking her to one side, Douglas asked Sophia, ” How does it feel to get admission in Architecture? ” Somehow, Sophia was not expecting this, she almost  seemed blanked..and uttered..yes..nice.please excuse me and left..




Sophia was wasn’t right. How can she deceive the entire world..and Helen, was lost in James..he was her world.


Alfred was thinking about how he had met Helen one night, at the Hotel Ritz bar room. Wearing a black and red dress, Helen was quietly siting,at a table. Alfred, totally confused to the point of devastation approached Helen.




Alfred,” may, I join you”




Helen,” Yes.”




Alfred,” What is your name “




Helen,” Mrs…no Ms. Rosea Black”




Alfred,” Hi, Rosea, nice to meet you I am Alfred”




Helen, smiled. “what is so nice about meeting me?”




Alfred,” Actually, nothing. I was trying to be polite”




Helen,” I am trying to have a fight”




Alfred,” But, we just met”




Helen,” Where does it says, I can not fight with a total stranger”




Alfred,” No where” and smiled




Helen,” What exactly, is going on in your mind?”




Alfred,” I want to know, if it is at all possible for another person, to be as devastated as I am”




Helen,” You are in luck ! I am much much more in trouble than you are, happy?”




Alfred,” No”




Helen,” What is your problem?”




Alfred,” Although, I want to say, you are..but I ..”




At this point, both burst into laughing like old friends. And didn’t stop for full two minutes. Those sitting around were also smiling.




Alfred, and Helen both said in chorus, ” Tell me your problem”




Alfred, ” I am so much dying to, you don’t know”




Helen,” Shoot”




Alfred,” I have, rather had a girl friend. her name is Jane. We were suppose to get engaged this weekend, but suddenly she decided to back off. I was so damn sure, that I mentioned our engagement to my client. I am in investment, so If now , I tell my client about break-up. it would look odd. Not , that I will lose everything etc. But you see, I was hoping to get his investment in my shares, which would have helped me from getting economically stable. But, I am afraid, he may think, if I can not handle a woman. How will I know, about handling his investments. I know, this sounds crazy.. But I really need a replacement.”




Helen,” raising her eye-brows,” You don’t mean me?”




Alfred, simple nodded his head..




Helen, ” But..I don’t know how Jane is as a person and how can I be her”




Alfred,” But. you have no other problem, I mean to be my fiance  ’ ‘”




Helen,” I have a problem. But I was finding other excuses.”




Alfred,” Are you alone”




Helen,” No..yes..yes. I am alone”




Alfred,” No.or yes”




Helen,” yes, I am alone.”




Alfred,” Are you married or engaged or in-love?”




Helen,” Excuse me, Do I know you”




Alfred,” No, don’t get me wrong, its because I am asking you to be an impostor..and if you are in a relationship. I can not ask you..simple”




Helen, didn’t know what to say. Rosea Black, was upset because James her husband, was not giving her attention, she wanted Helen to leave them alone, as planned. They,had reserves another hotel for themselves. for the next three days.Helen, would be alone. Everything, was happening too fast. Helen, was unable to think clearly. Suddenly, from the gallery above, she could see James and Rosea looking towards her and Alfred. Rosea was whispering, in his ears.That was the point, Helen reached out and tapped at Alfred’s hand.




Helen,” okay.. I will be your impostor”




Alfred,” Thank much Rosea, you made my day. okay, let me tell you. All you have to do is keep silent or make small conversation. My client, Mr. Olmsted, will be here tommorow. I will give you a dress, to wear as I have described Jane, her type. She wears, grey mostly.”




Helen,” Couldn’t believe, what she had done”




Alfred,” what is your room number”




Helen,” its the queens’s suite, the top floor. But, you don’t need to worry. I will come down at the main lounge, what time, you are expecting Mr Olmsted?”




Alfred,” 4.00 pm sharp, at the Pool side, tea room”




Helen,”I have a grey dress, i will wear it don’t worry, okay”




Alfred, was relieved. He was smiling, at least now he had just one more problem, if tommorow’s meeting went well, perhaps, he can ask Rosea for the next favor. Not now..let me do one thing, at a time.




Next morning James and Rosea, left for their new Hotel, a few miles away from Ritz. That was not really a big one but more private. Helen, was relieved. She had her regular breakfast, then walked around and found anew dress. grey   she purchased it. Went back to her Queen’s Suite, this was their honeymoon trip.But, she knew, it not for her and James, it was for them.But, everything was  paid for, whatever she may like, lets look at the pearls,purse and shoes to match the dress, thought Helen. Again, she left for a quick shopping.Now, everything looked perfect. She walked down to the Pool Side, ad sat next to Alfred. Mr.Olmsted came at dot, both the men discussed, and Helen smiled sometimes helped Alfred with tea and then , phone rang. Alfred,excused himself to answer, it was from his family from the farm house.Mr.Olmsted, leaned towards Helen and asked her,”Are you not Helen, James’ newly wedded wife?”




Helen,” I am sorry, what did you say?”




Mr.Olmsted,repeated his question and added,” Does, he know who you are?”




Helen,” No, but please don’t tell him now. he is already in much danger.”




Mr. Olmsted,replied” How can I trust a guy, who’s instinct doesn’t work. he doesn’t even feel, you are married “




Helen,” I ..excuse me ” Helen , left abruptly. She ran up to her suite. Oh! why didn’t I tell Alfred, who I am. What a disaster.then she told herself, compose..yes..try..123..4 smile..But, she was not really surprised, at ther inability to smile. She had ruined, Alfred’s chance in getting this investment. What a mess.




After, almost an hour later, Helen found the courage to walk down to the bar. Alfred, was there, he came running towards her. Alfred,” I am so sorry, Mrs. Helen James Smith, I didn’t know”




Helen,” You are not mad at me? I lied to you and cost you this embarrassment”




Alfred,” I am sorry. I was totally blind, I had seen Mr. James Smith  photographs, but I failed to recognize you!”




Helen,” What happened with Mr. Olmsted?




Alfred,” He left , very angry and upset”




Helen,” Now?’




Alfred,” Nothing, I got a phone call from my grand ma, mt grandpa is very sick, I have to go tonight. I am sorry and thank you . I hope any inconvenience,I caused is not too much”




Helen,” Wait. Alfred, I want to know why you are not getting angry with me , i lied to you! and caused you this damage”




Alfred,” Mrs. James,  When my own fiance’ didn’t care, how can I expect a total stranger to be honest with me. At least, you risked your married life for me, I cannot understand why? But..what you agreed to, is rather too much. i lost my opportunity,but you can lose lots of things,starting with your husband”




Helen, was relieved. She hugged Alfred and told him, you know what ? Jane is a fool to let you go.








Helen was feeling guilty and worried. She wanted to do something that can help Alfred. They met again, and Alfred told Helen, he must leave for his farm house.




Helen,” How much time would you be spending at your farm house?”




Alfred,”Maybe two nights. I will leave now, as its already late.”




Helen,” I know, I made you look like a fool. But, still if I can be helpful, in anyway?”




Alfred,” You want to help me?”








Alfred, “okay..then join me, let go to my farm house”




Helen,” okay, as your?”




Alfred,” What else, my fiance’”




Helen,” You know , I am married..don’t you?”




Alfred,” My grand parents don’t ” and smiled.




Helen, thought a bit. That is dangerous. I am not suppose to go away with a stranger. So, she called up James. Unfortunately, it was Rosea who answered her call, “Yes” was a cold voice.




Helen,” Hi,,may I speak with James for a moment please”




Rosea,” No, you may not. Because we are having sex and we don’t want a turn off!”




clicked and phone was not only off, it was switched off. uuuuuuuuuuuuufffffffff people, thought Helen.




Looking at Alfred, she said,” I will accompany you”




Alfred, ” Good, but pack a small suitcase, please”




Helen,” yes, just be back in 20 minutes”




Both were thinking, how can they do this, am I real was what Helen thinking.I am not..I am a professional Impostor, with a capital I.


























James Smith, was all dressed up and waiting for his meeting to start, he then realized of forgetting his phone on the table. Rosea was upset, as she was left alone in the hotel room, while James had agreed to meet Mr. Lawrence at short notice. Business, doesn’t stay with too many holidays, was what James told Rosea. Actually, he was feeling uncomfortable with her, scary too.I better call , Justin, to get my phone. Justin  returned within few minutes with his phone. meeting continued for next few hours. As, the telephonic conference was going on, and the investments plans were getting detailed evaluations from the four partners.




After, the meeting James called up hotel Ritz, the receptionist replied,” Sir, Mrs James had left for two days with Mr Alfred Brown”




James got really upset, why can’t she even call me before going off with this man.Anger made him throw his phone, breaking it in many pieces.




Alfred and Helen were enjoying the ride, when suddenly the car hit something and stopped. Both came out to witness, two flat tires. Nearby, there was a restaurant, so they went inside,  a young man sobbing came from the side.
























The owner, came from behind and zapped, punched him and was almost going to kill him. Alfred tried to stop, suddenly Helen,took hold of a broken chair leg, swinging in the air she warned the owner,”if you touch him, i will break your neck”




Alfred, “please do as she says, she gets hysterical”




Owner left the young man and said,”You don’t know what trouble he is putting me to”




Helen.”okay..tell us. is it about money?”




Owner,”No, tonight I have arranged for a small wedding party, we were suppose to serve ,he is our cook and he is leaving now.”




Helen looked at the young man and said,” I am gonna kill you have any idea what this means..”




Young man,” I would have stayed and did as planned, but my mother is really sick and I must go and see her”




Helen inquired about the menu and number of people attending the party. hmmm thought Helen, thats not many  only 30 guests and 6 course meal. okay, we will do it.




Alfred,” we?”




Helen,” yes ..I will cook and you will help”




Alfred,” are you sure, did you ever do anything like this before?”




Helen” Do you have a better idea?”




The owner looked at Helen, “Madame, are you sure?”




Helen was adamant . And she told everyone what to do..and orders were like flowing as if, she was the master chef. Helen, while studying had joined cooking classes and learned many dishes and course meals. This was the opportunity, to test her skills. Now or never. Looking at her confidence level, the owner got some relieved. it was almost 8.00 pm. a bit late than usual but dinner was served. All guests not really loved her cooking but loved her serving style. Owner, Mr Johnson, was appreciating Helen, with so many words and tears. Lastly, he said, ” madame, whenever you want my help I will  always be happy to do anything for you.”




Helen,” please keep your regular cook, when he return for that would be enough for me “




Alfred, enjoyed Helen’s cooking and was tired with following her orders for the most part of the cooking session.




Next morning they reached the farm house. Alfred’s Grandparents were happy to see them and welcomed them eagerly. Grand ma bought a special diamond ring for Helen, with much love she fixed the ring on her finger and patted on her hands. Grandma,” Alfred, is a nice boy. he will make you happy. he has always being around us . You can see that he is a family man”




Grand father,” We are very proud of him , one day he will prove to be a loving husband and proud father “




Helen and Alfred exchange looks and smiled. Pictures were taken and somehow, Helen was feeling much better. Time to return and driving back they again stopped at the road side restaurant, to check if the cook was reinstated or not. Mr Johnson kept his word and Helen found the cook inside the kitchen, his mother had recovered but was weak. Helen, reached for cash and slipped it in his pocket and smiled.




Reaching the gates of Ritz Hotel, she could feel someone staring from the queens’suite. She took the keys from reception and went up. As she was about to open the door. it opened from inside, James was standing..looking angry.




James,” just what do you think you are doing?”




Helen,” I was with Alfred at his grand parents’ farm house”




James,” You are spending nights with a total stranger!”




Helen,” but, we are just friends”




James,” I don’t believe that. But, why am I even talking about it. Listen , i had enough of this honey moon idea. grand ma called from home. We must leave tonight, I have made arrangements for everything.”




Helen,” yes.I will pack”




What was he so upset about. men!! ugh. its right for him to sleep with Rosea and if I am going to be with Alfred, its wrong.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhh. Helen, didn’t know what to say. James  banged the door and banged everything that he could touch. The drive to airport was a silent one. Deadly. No one spoke a word. The three got into the plane and landed back to California. James and Helen took the limousine sent from home and rose black left like a stranger in another car. Helen reminded James, that he is looking very angry.




James,”I am angry”




Helen,”yes but try to look happy, for grandma is expecting that, we are returning from our honey moon not a war”




James, ” I like war, then I can kill you’




At the library, grandma was waiting for them. How sweet the home is, thought Helen as they were ushered in with flowers . grandma motioned Helen to come close to her. She was watching her face, then she said, “you two had a good time?




They nodded and smiled. walking upstairs to their bedroom, Helen was getting cold feet.Door closed and James jumped on her like a panther.Pinned her on the wall and came too close for comfort. “Did you”




Helen,” No”




James,” How can I believe that?”




Helen,” I don’t know. I have nothing to prove my innocence”




James,” then you are guilty”




Helen,” I am not”




James” then why didn’t you tell me, before you left with him. why didn’t you ask me?”




Helen,”I did call you but Rosea..”




James didn’t let her finish the sentence. walked out. he had it enough. But he wanted to check, so he called the telecommunication center, for finding if his number was called and who had made the call.The report confirmed  Helen call time and her attempts to call while James mobile phone was broken. That made him calm down a bit.he re-entered the room. James,”okay, tell me who is Alfred..No..I know who he is.tell me why you left with him”




Helen told him everything from the start. James listened,”okay, for this once I believe you but let me be very clear. From today till the end of our one year contract, you under no circumstance are going to do any thing that has another man involved in your life.Do you get that?”








James, ” You better get it. i mean it. I will kill you and him , if I ever find that your side of this story is false”




Helen just nodded. She couldn’t believe that James didn’t say much. For few days,James was still hot tempered. Helen was thinking, why does he takes so long to cool down.




The first month of her marriage with James was almost over, after their return Helen didn’t get her monthly periods. She went for a check up.




The lady doctor,” Congratulations Mrs. James, you are pregnant”




Helen,” really!!”




Doctor,”yes..really  “




Helen was so happy, on her way back she went to Foster’s home.






Rosea Black was totally lost. She wanted a child in her womb..for James felt obliged to marry her only because of her pregnancy to get his child. She tried to drug him..with some medication that night and then..was able to get some sperms to get herself impregnated. was not working..she was unable to conceive his child ..and time was running out. As per her claim..she was already two months pregnant..but nothing ..She went to see her doctor..Walking in the corridor..she could hear ..




Mrs Helen James..Oh congratulations are pregnant , said the doctor with a perfect smile.




Helen was also smiling.. As she left..but didn’t see Rosea watching her pass. Excited, Helen went to the Foster’s mansion. She called Sophia too, as she mused with the thought touching herself.. remembering her wedding night.




What a night that was..everyone was so excited about Sophia’s grand wedding with James Smith. The wedding was totally organised and financed by them. helen, would be helping Sophia , with her final touches. So, she stealthily walked in to Sophia’ room. Unaware, of what Sophia was going through , helen was cheerful but she as deep down so sad..she loved James ..but she was not the one chosen was Sophia.




Helen, talked about the jewelries that could match with the dress. Sophia didn’t reply..coming close she could see ..tears..rolling down her cheeks.




Helen,” What happened?”




Sophia didn’t answer




Helen,” Don’t be sad, you are not going far..its just another state.”




helen..went on saying everything that possibly would make Sophia happy..After some time,Sophia replied, ” I don’t want to marry James “




Helen, was in a shock,” why?he is so good”




Sophia,” yes.. but Helen, I love someone else, and he just told me now that he also  loves me..please ..I don’t want to marry James “




Helen..was totally bowled out..She couldn’t move and then suddenly, the door was getting a knock. peeping inside was Mr and Mrs. William Foster. Quickly, Helen hid behind the curtains. Listening  to what they had to say..but now her mind was racing faster than any sports car..she could hear screeching sound . oh! what a mess.




Sophia composed herself..she was not as free with her parents as she was with Helen. Both, Mr and Mrs. Foster were praising Sophia’s dress and admiring the jewelries..they were giving Sophia tips for a successful marriage.




After, the parents left..there was another knock..but his time it was on the window..Sophia quickly ran to wards the huge glass panes, outside on the ledge was Allen Woods. She let him in and instantly they got locked in an embrace..tight and loving. Helen came out of her hiding corner a bit angry at Sophia.




Helen,” Sophia if you liked him..sorry loved him.Then why did you agree to marry James ?”




Sophia with pleading eyes was searching Helen’s face, trying to find a softness or a smile, even a fake smile would do..but a little sympathy. But none was to be found.




Sophia started to faint and Allen caught her.




Allen,” I know, it is too late. But, don’t you think it would be a disaster if she marries a man, she doesn’t  love and he is involved with Rosea Black”




Helen,” Excuse me, who is Rosea Black?”




Allen,” You know.. for the last four years we were friends, very close however, when Sophia told me that her father wanted her to get married to James Smith, I was a bit taken aback, I felt that I can not live without her.”




Helen,”It is just too is the wedding! and you didn’t tell me yet..who is Rosea Black?”




Allen with his head down,” After James parents died in that road accident, he was devastated. You remember how good a musician he was, but he left everything including music. His father’s business was having some problem, so he would drink. One day, he was lured  by Rosea  to her house. Since then, he is under some sort of relationship. His grandma wouldn’t settle for Rosea, so he has actually twisted Mr Foster’s business to get him agree for this marriage.”




Helen, ” I don’t know what to think and why to believe this story?”




Sophia,” Just believe ..this much that I do not  love James ..I love Allen”




Helen,” should tell your father too..because any moment they will ask you to join them downstairs for your wedding”




Sophia,” helen..I know since the day we met..I am taking advantage with your look even took admission in Architecture for me. You  did so many things for me, that even if I had a sister or if you had asked me to do, I wouldn’t have done. Helen, Just one last favor..if you could….”




Suddenly , there was a knock at the door. Allen and Helen, bought ran for a hiding place.. in the bath room. In walked James Smith, looking  very disturbed trying to look composed..but fidgeting.




James,” Sophia..I know it is not proper to see the bride  before the wedding. But.. I need to be honest with you. I have a girl friend since few years…her name is”




Sophia, ” Rosea Black “




James,” How did you know?”




Sophia,” I was told by my boy friend. Allen “




It was like a chess games, check mate.




Sophia called , and from the bath room the two appeared. James was astonished to look at Helen, she was a copy of Sophia. Allen..was now relaxed ..he thought he had a hope.




Sophia,” you tell me. If I was planning to marry is that wrong?”




Total silence..broken by James, ” I came to confess..that I have Rosea and she is pregnant with my child this marriage would be for my grandma only.. for a year or two..since she has a short time . It sounds very cold..I realize that but I am cold..and I am unsure how was I able to get Rosea pregnant..but then, I drink too much lately..I may have..but I don’t know..Any way, right now I am you can see ..and I thought. even though its a bad time  to tell you Sophia  past  and my plans for future that may not have you..after the death of my ailing grandma..I will marry Rosea for I must take up my responsibilities. I will not be a real husband to you..all the time we will be understand  what I mean”




It was too much..for anyone to expect, James turned to walk towards the closed door. helen, grabbed his elbow.




Helen,” Wait..just a moment..What do you are doing?”




James,” Look here, I only have to give explanation to her..looking at one else…is that clear”




Helen,” Then why don’t you just tell your grandma, what you told us?”




James.. didn’t you hear. she is very sick and would die..soon.She is the only family I got after my parents died in the car crash.




Allen,” Listen..everyone..I got an idea..if Helen agrees..that is..what if Helen married  james and my Sophia marries me Helen”




Helen was a bit surprised..James turned ..and looked at Helen.Sophia with pleading eyes..was again searching Helen’s expression..




Helen” why?”




Allen and Sophia ” don’t want us to lose love…and life”




Helen..was was like she was a puppet..angry and hurt..she  found tears rolling down her cheeks.




Helen,” You didn’t hear..that he is not really marrying Sophia..and its on paper is like a fake relationship.”




James,” You want a real marriage?” there was a sarcastic smile.




Helen,” Yes.. and with love and respect and honor..forever”




James,” I can not promise and forever part. But yes..I would respect you and honor you as long as you are my wife”




The intercom bell rang. Helen picked up the receiver. it was James’s friend, ” hello. is James there ?”




Helen,” Yes.he is here”




James..quickly left the if it didn’t matter..who marries him. It was for a short period only.




Helen..was now getting very upset..but she loved james..rather had a crush on him .She had dreamed to be his that her dream was coming true..there was a dullness…


The beautiful Sophia was getting dressed as Helen. helen got into Sophia’s wedding gown..and with all music and flowers..she was walking towards the aisles and Mr. Foster bent down very close and whispered..”Helen..where is Sophia and why are you getting married to james?”




Helen, ” Sir..”




Mr William,” Not so loudly…call me father “




before..she could answer, james was given her hand and Mr William joined his wife.The ceremony progressed, and as the priest was about to take Sophia..helen..corrected him name is Helen.. james nodded and the priest although much confused..but didn’t want to create any unpleasant scene.They kissed and off..they went in the grand limousine. Once settled in the comfort of a limo..James turned to what is going up in your head dear wife ?”




helen,” Not husband..”




Both laughed like small school children, as if, it was a prank they had played…they were nearing the airport..




back at Mansion.. mr and Mrs Foster had entertained their guests and after everyone left. Mr William called Sophia…




Sophia narrated the full ..and that was the moment..mrs William..entered the room..




Mrs. Foster.” What is going on? I thought you had left with  James..Sophia..who is this young man here” she was pointing to Allen Woods.




Mr. Foster, ” Sit down my dear. Let me bring you a drink..and close the door Patrick. No..don’t go away. I think you need to tell us..that we have been missing on.”




Patrick,” Sir..”




Mrs. Foster ,” William..what is it? I am getting anxiety…can you please..explain”




Mr. Foster,” my dear..don’t feel bad..Time has passed. years infact. I was very much afraid of losing you. i loved you so much. After we had suffered, our unborn children your womb. The doctor, had told me..that if this time you didn’t give birth to a child..I may lose you forever. I as frantic. I didn’t want to lose my child but ..all I had was you. You loved me so much..and we did want our own child. I was young..and I thought..we can do it..You need to be medically fit..Am I making any sense?”




Mrs. Foster,” I am not sure..but I believe that you  love me..don’t worry..I am strong enough to know..”




mr Foster,”That day..when you were suppose to have the operation. I had asked the head nurse for arranging a baby, just incase we had another tragedy.”




Mrs. Foster..realized..what her husband was trying to tell her. She got up from her chair and  hugged her husband..She could feel that , he needed to be reassured, that although it was a deceptiomn..but his wife would stand beside him..Mr. Foster..hugged her long and they both cried.




Sophia was stunned..Sophia,” Father ..I am not your child?”




Allen..caught her..and made her sit.




Patrick,” Sir..after the head nurse took Sophia..the other twin was left in the cradle, crying. I had no heart to leave. So, I took her with me.”




Sophia now understood that how much she resembled Helen and why..they were twin sisters.




Patrick,” I never told helen..that she was not mine. The girls have met each other years ago. But, they never understood or even think about the possibility of being related.”




Sophia,” Helen doesn’t know !”




Mrs. Foster,” Oh! my God. My daughter or son ?”




Mr. Foster,” he was our son, but he died instantly , I buried him in the back yard, where we had planted coconut trees. “




It was a day..that unfolded secrets..there were too many hidden truths..but no one lied it seemed.




James was happy for some reason and Helen was smiling too. Both were thinking, why?




Soon, they were reaching the Huge Palace..main gate of the  palace was kept open and flowers adorned all the way up to the main house. Standing now, the frail grandma was all smiles.




Grandma,”Oh ..Congratulations!! I am so happy for you two “




James,” Grandma..why are you out here?”




Grandma, ” Don’t fuss. I am perfectly alright. And I am so happy I can live another 100 years”




Helen,” grandma”




The three walked in and the servants took care of their huge luggage.The main hall had guest sitting. Grandma, ushered in the couple and asked Helen to change quickly. Upstairs, in their room..there were three maids..all smiling. madame welcome..they chorused.




Then grand ma showed her the dress that was kept for her and jewellery with accessories.Everything was very classy and expensive. The bathroom had a size of the main hall, it seems..Helen was happy. She didn’t realize that she was sharing this room. The maids left after explaining the basics of the room. Helen, went to take her bath. The door closed.james had entered. As, she was submerging in the jacuzzi, he walked in for a shower..Casual strides took him to the cubicle where he relaxed and walked away….naked. he was busy and totally ignoring the fact , that helen was staring at his body.. Slowly he reached for her chin, and closed her lips.. Don’t stare..its bad manners. and I am getting ready..Helen was caught blushing..but didn’t reply..and continued to take a bath. james, reminded her that guest s were waiting for them.




James reached the hall. everyone was there greeting him and wishing him luck.Soon , helen appeared dressed in white gown ,looking strikingly beautiful and soft. There was an awe..everyone was smiling..She joined and the celebration began.. Dances, food wine, laughter..How happy Helen was like a perfect wedding.




Slowly the guest left.Tired but happy the couple returned to their room.Both just jumped..whew!!




“party was good “,they said together..”and now?”




Helen.” Tonight is our wedding we should do what every couple does




James,” But, helen..I love Rosea and she would get upset if, we made love”




Helen,” yes..but if you didn’t tell her..then?”




James,” Are you serious? I mean sex..thats not love “




Helen,”it is my right..and whether you loved having it with me or not…let us think about that later.”




James was about to say..but lips were captured and rest followed..James was actually enjoying it..hmmm


The night was awesome for James and was a perfect wedding and night too. James got up earlier and went to take his shower. Helen followed..and started her  usual. Coming out of shower,James nodded at Helen, as he passed her. Helen took her bath and came out. Saw james,applying lotion, she spotted a portion that was unshaved..she came closer and told him,” You missed this spot..right under your nose..”




James smiled, catching her by the shoulder, brought her down on the bed and rubbed the unshaved part  over her neck, bosom and chin..both had started to play again. Rolling over and pinning down,Helen was finding it difficult to overturn  then James let her..this time she pinned him. And sat over him..moving towards his lips..almost lasted for another hour.Then James realized, it was breakfast time. Both got dressed and joined grandma.




At the table, Grandma asked Helen , about her.




Helen, ” Grandma, I am studying in the final year of Architecture at MIT. My thesis is the application of LEED in projects  performance”




James,” So, when would you resume your classes.?”




Helen,” Actually, I took 5 days off , for the wedding “




James,” So, wedding is over…right?”




Grandma.” Why don’t you two go for a honey moon”




James,” I have work and she should also study..”




Helen,” I can take another 5 days off, after two weeks “




James,” No need “




Grandma,” I insist ”




James , finished his breakfast and asked Helen to join him for a horse ride. The horse, came to the door..and both got  over and rode away. The palace had a small forest like backyard. Here, James stopped his horse and helped Helen get off.




Since, Helen knew most of the things James did earlier and what he liked, they started talking like old friends. Time passed and both were now lying on grass watching the sky..with twigs in hand.




James,” Why are you agreeing for a honeymoon ?”




Helen.” I think its nice idea”




The mobile phone rang, james, “hello”




Rosea Black ” Good morning my darling”




James .” Yes.. How are you?”




Rosea,” I am missing you so much!”




James,” okay..I will come..but not now..see you bye”




Helen.” Rosea?”




James,” yes”




Helen,” You know, we can do one thing, why don’t the three of us travel for a honey moon ?




James ,” Go on “




Helen,” We, will travel together, after reaching the hotel. You two can share one room and I will stay at mine”




James,” Are you sure?”




Helen,” Look, if we don’t go for a honeymoon. it would look odd. And Rosea, can do with some outing too “




James agreed. But didn’t look comfortable. helen, touched his sleeves,” You want to meet her now”




James,” No. I don’t”




Helen,”But..james she is waiting for you “




James silenced her with a kiss..and they returned home for lunch.




James  got a stomach upset. He vomited and got sick. Helen, cooked cereal for him, although the chef got a bit angry but didn’t dare to stop Helen.James, was making faces at the cereal, but Helen with all sorts of acting made him eat it all. Grandma was happy. James had finally got a friend..a bosom friend.




Time came for Helen to leave for her classes. She left for couple of days.




Helen.”Don’t get too naughty:” whispered at James ears and left.




James was smiling. He went back to his office.




After reaching the airport, Helen was escorted to a different  location. No more dormitory. But a cute, villa in the suburbs’ marrying a rich man has benefits indeed.




Rose Black was waiting for James to come but , James  didn’t go, he had many excuses. Somehow, Helen was the person he felt warm and happy. She was playful, confident and very naughty when it came to sexJames was missing Helen. He called her , with skype and both would chat for a long time.




Time for Helen to return approached. Now, it was their trip for a romantic honeymoon.




Packed and ready, Helen called her father Patrick to inform about her  plans.




He did not sound very happy. Helen was confused and shared this with James.Later,James talked to the Fosters and then he called Helen inside the study.




James,” Sophia got married to Allen.”




Helen” that is great!”




James, touched Helen and motioned her to sit down,” And, you and Sophia are real sisters “




Helen,” What?”




James, ” yes. You two were  taken from a hospital. Sophia was adopted by Mr Foster and  you were secretly adopted by your father “




Helen got a bit numbed.




James,” We can not tell grandma about this . So, we will proceed for honeymoon, okay?”




Helen nodded












Rosea Black was returning from airport. The so called honeymoon trip with James, was a total failure. Although, it was nice of Helen to float the idea, that the three would leave together and Helen would use the single room and she would be with James. But it did n’t work out as hoped. James was all the time just so concerned about his wife. He even gave her the Queen’ s Suite, at Hotel Ritz as Mrs. James. Was he in-love with Helen? This was bothering Rosea. Rosea Black reached her condo near Hollywood Boulevard. This was a gift by James, just a few years back. James, parents had died in an accident making his life totally upside down. He was so upset with himself, because his parents were driving to his grand concert, when a teenager speeding from the wrong side had hit their car. Although  the surgeons tried their best, but James lost both his parents. That night was the black night. James left his singing career, he abandoned all his musical activities, and joined his father’s empire. Since then, he was a loner, his only family was his grandma, who was frail and sick. It was his grandmother who had forced James into getting married.




James had asked his grandma’s permission to marry Rosea, but that was turned down. Frustrated, Rosea schemed a plan and faked that she was pregnant with James’s child. James  couldn’t recall how was that possible, but Rosea had staged  a perfect set up. One night, she had intentionally drugged James and led him to believe, that it was that night that she got pregnant. Till today, James didn’t remember what had actually happened. he was too lonely, to fight with a friend he thought was his very own. Rosea Black, had lied to him that while sleeping in her bed, James murmurs her name..that he was so much in-love with her. All this fabrication would have been turned into real if Helen would have not married James.




Rosea walked into her huge Jacuzzi, so beautiful and effective.She was enjoying it, when her phone rang, reaching out she answered.




Tony,” Hi babe, you are home, sweetie?”




Rosea,”yes, we are  “




Tony,” How about a night? What are your plans for tonight?”




Rosea,” I am free, just taking a bath”




Tony,” I am in the elevator, so I will be with you in minutes”




Tony had the spare keys to her condom. he walked straight into her exclusively designed bath room. Rosea, told him to join her. They had a very romantic sexual session. Rosea had missed Tony.




Tony,” So how was with James ?”




Rosea,” that bugger, he didn’t even touch me, old fashioned”




Tony,” Really? why? You are the diva :”




Rosea,” he thinks, it is not right to have extramarital sex.”




Tony,” Poos guy, he doesn’t know you. I am amazed, at your deception”




Rosea,” I am worried, even if Helen goes away after a year. His Grandma would still be around to put another impediment in getting married to him.”




Tony,” then, what do you want?”




Rosea,” I want her car to get into an accident, do something with the brakes or tires”




Tony,” But, at their mansion, they have extra security.”




Rosea,” Everyone has a price, find out how much can the driver be bought”




Tony smiled. he  had a strong lust for Rosea. he wanted her every time, each night. later, that night an admirer wanted to share, Rosea at his out house. Tony had fixed the price.



Rosea and Tony left for the night. The man, who didn’t want o disclose his name was old, he was too