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February 7, 2013




Last September, this day I wanted to write a story from today one year after. I am writing..yes better late than never




Watching the lawn from the window Helen was feeling happy. her project was under review by the board for its implementation. She had done most of the checking regarding design, cost, construction method and most importantly, profit margins. A smile was making her eyes shine. Sometimes, in life, inner happiness is a source for young looks.




Her husband, Alfred was talking over the phone with his first love, Jane. Helen never complained, only a soft look if anyone else was approaching.




They were a seemingly perfect couple, Helen was an architect and Alfred was in Investment Returns, both were highly educated and talented as professionals. Helen had twins from her first marriage, but everyone thought it was Alfred’s..only the couple knew the truth. So, Helen had no relationship with Alfred, nothing more than a paper marriage. However, they were very close bosom friends. Helping each other in every possible way. Alfred’s parents  were happy with their grand children , but nowadays they felt insecure. Jane was coming closer to Alfred , once more.




Phone rang..thrice and the butler answered..just in moments he rushed towards Helen, “Madame, master Richard had fallen from the boundary wall and is bleeding, profusely, ” he said.




Helen, ” What?”  she started to run motioning Alfred to join. Without any questions, Alfred hung up on Jane and both drove away. Anxious and worried. Reaching the hospital, surgeons were moving and asking for formalities to be completed . Helen  holding the shoulder of Raymond, hoping his twin gets the best medical treatment. Helen, couldn’t understand one thing, why was it so serious, it was not the first time boys have jumped from heights..Like everyone says. boys will be boys..




Surgeon David, had a grim look as he entered the room. Looking at Helen, he asked the couple to let Raymond stay in the waiting area.




Surgeon,” Mr. seems your DNA is not matching with your son?”




Alfred, ” Surgeon, actually the twins are legally mine but biologically they are not”




Surgeon, ” hmmm” but we have one problem, your wife’s blood is not matching and I am afraid,  Raymond’s blood we can not take for he had just recovered from malaria, leaving us one option, get his real father”




Helen was stunned..”Surgeon, please..I can not find his father , I don’t know where he is now.”




Surgeon, “I am sorry,but we urgently need to give him blood and bone marrow , or I am afraid we will not be able to ……”




The surgeon didn’t continue..leaving unsaid but the blow was huge..Alfred, taking helen to one side said, ” Look , we have to find him”


Helen felt helpless.but knowing that Alfred was right. She nodded. Always, accepting what was right, was how Helen was. She had moist eyes and walked towards the waiting room. Few minutes ago, she was so happy and now it was mission impossible,without James Bond. She could recall, her last meeting with her husband..not Alfred but James Smith.




The James Smith, singer composer, musician who excelled as a Business tycoon. had inherited a huge asset from his forefathers and had build it as an empire. There was not the question of finding Mr. Smith but of having the courage to face him again.




James as a teenager was into music, his first album was out when he was only 13 years old. By 15 years, he was on the top..Helen though 10 years old was totally in-love with this wizard. like the remaining  girls.Shrieking and yelling to control oneself from getting a heart attack. the songs were super duper hit..and all girls heart throb was James..oh Jamie!!! was called out loud where he went, so many kisses and hugs..everyone a fan.




Helen was no exception, she had kept the picture from a magazine in her small suitcase. She lived with her father , in the servant’s quarter of the huge mansion. Patrick, served the William Foster Family as a Butler, as his fore father has served. he was the keeper of many secrets. Proud father of Helen. Patrick had cared for Helen, since her mother had died at childbirth, unable to recover. Patrick never married, he as happy to have a daughter whom he named Helen. he used to say, you are not Helen of Troy but Helen for joy  )




At ten, Helen was smart she attended school and her father managed to get her in the best of school, as he was paid handsomely by the Fosters. Turning twelve, Helen looked pretty. She had auburn hair and green hazel eyes, her skin was soft and had a tan. She loved to play out door games. So, no matter how much the heat. She would join in to play. On this day, Sir William was very much upset with his daughter, named  Sophia. She was all the time interested in the household chores and not paying attention to the courses at school. Depressed and confused, Sophia walked on the lawn..then a football came smashing on her back .. Ouch!! Turning her head, she saw Helen.




For a couple of seconds both were alarmed , rather surprised. they were a look alike. Slowly, both girls moved towards each other. Extending their hands, touched. And Jumped.You are real!! was a chorus. wow!!




Helen and Sophia, were so happy hat without even thinking, they were hugging and giggling. Oh my God! said Sophia. I can not believe it! I mean, that you look just like me. Helen acknowledged. yes..isn’t that interesting, just like a movie. Hmmmm…Sophia’s turn, So, my image, may I ask, who are you?




Helen,” I am Helen, of Joy daughter of Patrick”




Sophia, Ahan and I am your shadow  .no no.. I am Sophia, daughter of William Foster “




Helen, “you mean the Foster, William Sir?”




Yes madame, was Sophia’s reply.




Both laughed and chatted. Sophia forgot where she was and what time it was, but Helen made her look at the sky..and yes its time to go.




From that day, both became secret friends. Whenever, they could they would meet each other. Exams were nearing and the finals were here.




Sophia was having trouble keeping up with science subjects, but her father wouldn’t give up.So, she had to give in. Talking to Helen, Sophia said, “Why do people come up with courses that I fail to understand.




Helen,” Sophia, its really interesting, why don’t you just open up your mind”




Sophia,” You mean literally crack up?”




Helen smiled. She then floated an idea, “Look, you want to pass or not”




Sophia, ” For my dear Father “




Helen,” My shadow, think it is done”




Sophia, ” You mean it?”




Helen, ” yes, I am so smart!! you know me  , I will sit for you in the upcoming exams and pass out too. with flying colors”




Sophia,” And also, get me rusticated with a black eye”




Helen,” No one would know, it is our secret”




Sophia was was against her principle.. but Helen was also right..oh! God! why do I have to decide everything




Time passed and now only one month was remaining. Sophia convinced herself that Helen could do it..but what about her exams ?




Helen, told Sophia she will come, no matter what. How? Your father is strict but not mine. So, on the exam day we will swap places. o fcourse, you will do the best for me and I will for you












That was the beginning of a mutual trust between the two look alike.


Studied hard both, Sophia and Helen. Exam..the big day..Sophia bought exactly similar dresses and both wore, as they arrived at the exam center, Helen took Sophia’s ID and same did Sophia. Results got announced, and Sophia had passed with flying colors. Mr Foster , was really happy at his daughter’s score. Helen, passed only.




Patrick was eyeing Helen, and was walking up and down. Suddenly, he stopped and asked, ” You know Sophia , from long time don’t you?”




Helen, ” Sophia?”




Patrick,”yes, my little actress..the girl for whom you gave the A level exams and her result is awesome..because you gave it for her .”




Helen, ” But..father how do you know”




Patrick, ” My eyes maybe getting old and I see blurred images but, my dear my sight is still perfect.”




Helen,” Well, since you know everything.. why didn’t you stop or ask before”




Patrick,” I know many things, my dear little one, but I never tell you everything. For, I am butler. However, this directly, effects you and relates to your future.”




Helen, ” What do you expect from me?”




Patrick,” Sorry would do, for a start.Remember, it is your life too. Maybe, Sophia is a look alike, but she has her life. Passing exams doesn’t make her intelligent  nor you less. helping others’ is a virtue, but giving them this second hand result. That is a crime. You have cheated and made her too.”




Helen. ” But I was helping only, father”




Patrick,” You should have taught her the subject, if you wanted to help not replace her!”




Helen,” just this once , not anymore”




Patrick,” You are missing out one important factor. Mr Foster, wanted Sophia to score high, for getting admission in Architecture. After, this brilliant score. do you think, Sophia can make a u-turn and do music.”




Helen,” I never thought that part ..”




Patrick,” Now, you have to get ready and also complete the graduation , unless you want to face the  consequence of imposing as his daughter.”




Helen,” What do you suggest?”




Patrick,” tell Mr. and Mrs. Foster, and we will leave from here, immediately.” I have some savings and we can go to another city and I am old, but can support you”




Sophia ,” Please, sir..not now..not right away.” Pleading eyes, searched Patrick face, trying to find empathy.




Patrick,” Excuse me Madame, but I am at my quarter, and you are not suppose to tell me what to do”




Sophia, ” my father is really happy, he has planned a mega party and if at his moment we tell him, then mother would get a heart attack. You don’t want me to be an orphan, do you?”




Helen,” Party!!! who is coming?”




Sophia,” I have requested, father to invite..your Jamie!!!”




Helen,” Please, father..I really want to see him.Please..please.”




Patrick didn’t have courage to deny, his daughter’s pleading eyes. and he agreed, with a promise that very soon Helen and Sophia would tell everyone at home the truth. The celebration cards were posted and all minute details for the grand evening accomplished. New dresses were made for Sophia, she was clever enough to make two.




Sophia,” Look, which one do you choose?”




Helen.”This blue is so lovely, you  should wear it”




Sophia,” will wear the burgundy?”




Helen,” Are you Okay, if anyone even looks at me..they would know something is fishy”




Sophia,” I have this solid plan, the first part of the celebrations, you attend because it has the speeches and all. You wear the burgundy dress, then  during dinner, just trip or slip and make an excuse for changing the dress. Come upstairs and then I will go down, when the music starts, I want to be there and you can watch from my room. I have got the CCTV checked..don’t worry.”




Helen,” Are you sure?”




Sophia,” Absolutely!”










Helen and Sophia, both got dressed, waiting patiently. The party begun, and all guests were pouring in , so many beautiful people. Helen, was stunning in her flowing burgundy dress. Those looking at her must have felt ..hhmmm. Mr. and Mrs. Foster were very proud and were introducing Helen , as Sophia to everyone. Helen, kept on nodding her head and drinking juices, then mr. Foster proudly gave a speech and mentioned very precisely, that he has made  plans for Sophia to get a degree in Architecture and be part in the real estate . Helen, then got a glimpse of James Smith. She got stunned, finding herself so close to this upcoming singer. She was introduced and got a handshake too.




Helen, was so happy that tears rolled down her cheeks. But she controlled her self and kept busy. But, her eyes were always searching James. She was in-love, as were other millions of girls. There were so many girls crowding over him and he was so popular. Wow! thought Helen, how lucky he is, his parents were also present at the party.Mr. Smith, was very high profile Telecommunication industrialist, and he owned satellites . Amazing, how big people are and yet they are humans. Dinner was served and time for Helen to leave, she didn’t find anyone noticing her , so she quietly left the party. One last glimpse, at James.. and she climbed up the stairs..unaware that as she was staring, he could feel it like a stab on his back.




The rest of the evening Sophia enjoyed the live concert.The music was thrilling and she danced, she tripped. Only to be rescued by a tall handsome smiling Douglas. He was too happy, that Sophia had fallen right into his arms. Both were glued, looking at each if. this was their night. Taking her to one side, Douglas asked Sophia, ” How does it feel to get admission in Architecture? ” Somehow, Sophia was not expecting this, she almost  seemed blanked..and uttered..yes..nice.please excuse me and left..




Sophia was wasn’t right. How can she deceive the entire world..and Helen, was lost in James..he was her world.


Alfred was thinking about how he had met Helen one night, at the Hotel Ritz bar room. Wearing a black and red dress, Helen was quietly siting,at a table. Alfred, totally confused to the point of devastation approached Helen.




Alfred,” may, I join you”




Helen,” Yes.”




Alfred,” What is your name “




Helen,” Mrs…no Ms. Rosea Black”




Alfred,” Hi, Rosea, nice to meet you I am Alfred”




Helen, smiled. “what is so nice about meeting me?”




Alfred,” Actually, nothing. I was trying to be polite”




Helen,” I am trying to have a fight”




Alfred,” But, we just met”




Helen,” Where does it says, I can not fight with a total stranger”




Alfred,” No where” and smiled




Helen,” What exactly, is going on in your mind?”




Alfred,” I want to know, if it is at all possible for another person, to be as devastated as I am”




Helen,” You are in luck ! I am much much more in trouble than you are, happy?”




Alfred,” No”




Helen,” What is your problem?”




Alfred,” Although, I want to say, you are..but I ..”




At this point, both burst into laughing like old friends. And didn’t stop for full two minutes. Those sitting around were also smiling.




Alfred, and Helen both said in chorus, ” Tell me your problem”




Alfred, ” I am so much dying to, you don’t know”




Helen,” Shoot”




Alfred,” I have, rather had a girl friend. her name is Jane. We were suppose to get engaged this weekend, but suddenly she decided to back off. I was so damn sure, that I mentioned our engagement to my client. I am in investment, so If now , I tell my client about break-up. it would look odd. Not , that I will lose everything etc. But you see, I was hoping to get his investment in my shares, which would have helped me from getting economically stable. But, I am afraid, he may think, if I can not handle a woman. How will I know, about handling his investments. I know, this sounds crazy.. But I really need a replacement.”




Helen,” raising her eye-brows,” You don’t mean me?”




Alfred, simple nodded his head..




Helen, ” But..I don’t know how Jane is as a person and how can I be her”




Alfred,” But. you have no other problem, I mean to be my fiance  ’ ‘”




Helen,” I have a problem. But I was finding other excuses.”




Alfred,” Are you alone”




Helen,” No..yes..yes. I am alone”




Alfred,” No.or yes”




Helen,” yes, I am alone.”




Alfred,” Are you married or engaged or in-love?”




Helen,” Excuse me, Do I know you”




Alfred,” No, don’t get me wrong, its because I am asking you to be an impostor..and if you are in a relationship. I can not ask you..simple”




Helen, didn’t know what to say. Rosea Black, was upset because James her husband, was not giving her attention, she wanted Helen to leave them alone, as planned. They,had reserves another hotel for themselves. for the next three days.Helen, would be alone. Everything, was happening too fast. Helen, was unable to think clearly. Suddenly, from the gallery above, she could see James and Rosea looking towards her and Alfred. Rosea was whispering, in his ears.That was the point, Helen reached out and tapped at Alfred’s hand.




Helen,” okay.. I will be your impostor”




Alfred,” Thank much Rosea, you made my day. okay, let me tell you. All you have to do is keep silent or make small conversation. My client, Mr. Olmsted, will be here tommorow. I will give you a dress, to wear as I have described Jane, her type. She wears, grey mostly.”




Helen,” Couldn’t believe, what she had done”




Alfred,” what is your room number”




Helen,” its the queens’s suite, the top floor. But, you don’t need to worry. I will come down at the main lounge, what time, you are expecting Mr Olmsted?”




Alfred,” 4.00 pm sharp, at the Pool side, tea room”




Helen,”I have a grey dress, i will wear it don’t worry, okay”




Alfred, was relieved. He was smiling, at least now he had just one more problem, if tommorow’s meeting went well, perhaps, he can ask Rosea for the next favor. Not now..let me do one thing, at a time.




Next morning James and Rosea, left for their new Hotel, a few miles away from Ritz. That was not really a big one but more private. Helen, was relieved. She had her regular breakfast, then walked around and found anew dress. grey   she purchased it. Went back to her Queen’s Suite, this was their honeymoon trip.But, she knew, it not for her and James, it was for them.But, everything was  paid for, whatever she may like, lets look at the pearls,purse and shoes to match the dress, thought Helen. Again, she left for a quick shopping.Now, everything looked perfect. She walked down to the Pool Side, ad sat next to Alfred. Mr.Olmsted came at dot, both the men discussed, and Helen smiled sometimes helped Alfred with tea and then , phone rang. Alfred,excused himself to answer, it was from his family from the farm house.Mr.Olmsted, leaned towards Helen and asked her,”Are you not Helen, James’ newly wedded wife?”




Helen,” I am sorry, what did you say?”




Mr.Olmsted,repeated his question and added,” Does, he know who you are?”




Helen,” No, but please don’t tell him now. he is already in much danger.”




Mr. Olmsted,replied” How can I trust a guy, who’s instinct doesn’t work. he doesn’t even feel, you are married “




Helen,” I ..excuse me ” Helen , left abruptly. She ran up to her suite. Oh! why didn’t I tell Alfred, who I am. What a disaster.then she told herself, compose..yes..try..123..4 smile..But, she was not really surprised, at ther inability to smile. She had ruined, Alfred’s chance in getting this investment. What a mess.




After, almost an hour later, Helen found the courage to walk down to the bar. Alfred, was there, he came running towards her. Alfred,” I am so sorry, Mrs. Helen James Smith, I didn’t know”




Helen,” You are not mad at me? I lied to you and cost you this embarrassment”




Alfred,” I am sorry. I was totally blind, I had seen Mr. James Smith  photographs, but I failed to recognize you!”




Helen,” What happened with Mr. Olmsted?




Alfred,” He left , very angry and upset”




Helen,” Now?’




Alfred,” Nothing, I got a phone call from my grand ma, mt grandpa is very sick, I have to go tonight. I am sorry and thank you . I hope any inconvenience,I caused is not too much”




Helen,” Wait. Alfred, I want to know why you are not getting angry with me , i lied to you! and caused you this damage”




Alfred,” Mrs. James,  When my own fiance’ didn’t care, how can I expect a total stranger to be honest with me. At least, you risked your married life for me, I cannot understand why? But..what you agreed to, is rather too much. i lost my opportunity,but you can lose lots of things,starting with your husband”




Helen, was relieved. She hugged Alfred and told him, you know what ? Jane is a fool to let you go.








Helen was feeling guilty and worried. She wanted to do something that can help Alfred. They met again, and Alfred told Helen, he must leave for his farm house.




Helen,” How much time would you be spending at your farm house?”




Alfred,”Maybe two nights. I will leave now, as its already late.”




Helen,” I know, I made you look like a fool. But, still if I can be helpful, in anyway?”




Alfred,” You want to help me?”








Alfred, “okay..then join me, let go to my farm house”




Helen,” okay, as your?”




Alfred,” What else, my fiance’”




Helen,” You know , I am married..don’t you?”




Alfred,” My grand parents don’t ” and smiled.




Helen, thought a bit. That is dangerous. I am not suppose to go away with a stranger. So, she called up James. Unfortunately, it was Rosea who answered her call, “Yes” was a cold voice.




Helen,” Hi,,may I speak with James for a moment please”




Rosea,” No, you may not. Because we are having sex and we don’t want a turn off!”




clicked and phone was not only off, it was switched off. uuuuuuuuuuuuufffffffff people, thought Helen.




Looking at Alfred, she said,” I will accompany you”




Alfred, ” Good, but pack a small suitcase, please”




Helen,” yes, just be back in 20 minutes”




Both were thinking, how can they do this, am I real was what Helen thinking.I am not..I am a professional Impostor, with a capital I.


























James Smith, was all dressed up and waiting for his meeting to start, he then realized of forgetting his phone on the table. Rosea was upset, as she was left alone in the hotel room, while James had agreed to meet Mr. Lawrence at short notice. Business, doesn’t stay with too many holidays, was what James told Rosea. Actually, he was feeling uncomfortable with her, scary too.I better call , Justin, to get my phone. Justin  returned within few minutes with his phone. meeting continued for next few hours. As, the telephonic conference was going on, and the investments plans were getting detailed evaluations from the four partners.




After, the meeting James called up hotel Ritz, the receptionist replied,” Sir, Mrs James had left for two days with Mr Alfred Brown”




James got really upset, why can’t she even call me before going off with this man.Anger made him throw his phone, breaking it in many pieces.




Alfred and Helen were enjoying the ride, when suddenly the car hit something and stopped. Both came out to witness, two flat tires. Nearby, there was a restaurant, so they went inside,  a young man sobbing came from the side.
























The owner, came from behind and zapped, punched him and was almost going to kill him. Alfred tried to stop, suddenly Helen,took hold of a broken chair leg, swinging in the air she warned the owner,”if you touch him, i will break your neck”




Alfred, “please do as she says, she gets hysterical”




Owner left the young man and said,”You don’t know what trouble he is putting me to”




Helen.”okay..tell us. is it about money?”




Owner,”No, tonight I have arranged for a small wedding party, we were suppose to serve ,he is our cook and he is leaving now.”




Helen looked at the young man and said,” I am gonna kill you have any idea what this means..”




Young man,” I would have stayed and did as planned, but my mother is really sick and I must go and see her”




Helen inquired about the menu and number of people attending the party. hmmm thought Helen, thats not many  only 30 guests and 6 course meal. okay, we will do it.




Alfred,” we?”




Helen,” yes ..I will cook and you will help”




Alfred,” are you sure, did you ever do anything like this before?”




Helen” Do you have a better idea?”




The owner looked at Helen, “Madame, are you sure?”




Helen was adamant . And she told everyone what to do..and orders were like flowing as if, she was the master chef. Helen, while studying had joined cooking classes and learned many dishes and course meals. This was the opportunity, to test her skills. Now or never. Looking at her confidence level, the owner got some relieved. it was almost 8.00 pm. a bit late than usual but dinner was served. All guests not really loved her cooking but loved her serving style. Owner, Mr Johnson, was appreciating Helen, with so many words and tears. Lastly, he said, ” madame, whenever you want my help I will  always be happy to do anything for you.”




Helen,” please keep your regular cook, when he return for that would be enough for me “




Alfred, enjoyed Helen’s cooking and was tired with following her orders for the most part of the cooking session.




Next morning they reached the farm house. Alfred’s Grandparents were happy to see them and welcomed them eagerly. Grand ma bought a special diamond ring for Helen, with much love she fixed the ring on her finger and patted on her hands. Grandma,” Alfred, is a nice boy. he will make you happy. he has always being around us . You can see that he is a family man”




Grand father,” We are very proud of him , one day he will prove to be a loving husband and proud father “




Helen and Alfred exchange looks and smiled. Pictures were taken and somehow, Helen was feeling much better. Time to return and driving back they again stopped at the road side restaurant, to check if the cook was reinstated or not. Mr Johnson kept his word and Helen found the cook inside the kitchen, his mother had recovered but was weak. Helen, reached for cash and slipped it in his pocket and smiled.




Reaching the gates of Ritz Hotel, she could feel someone staring from the queens’suite. She took the keys from reception and went up. As she was about to open the door. it opened from inside, James was standing..looking angry.




James,” just what do you think you are doing?”




Helen,” I was with Alfred at his grand parents’ farm house”




James,” You are spending nights with a total stranger!”




Helen,” but, we are just friends”




James,” I don’t believe that. But, why am I even talking about it. Listen , i had enough of this honey moon idea. grand ma called from home. We must leave tonight, I have made arrangements for everything.”




Helen,” yes.I will pack”




What was he so upset about. men!! ugh. its right for him to sleep with Rosea and if I am going to be with Alfred, its wrong.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhh. Helen, didn’t know what to say. James  banged the door and banged everything that he could touch. The drive to airport was a silent one. Deadly. No one spoke a word. The three got into the plane and landed back to California. James and Helen took the limousine sent from home and rose black left like a stranger in another car. Helen reminded James, that he is looking very angry.




James,”I am angry”




Helen,”yes but try to look happy, for grandma is expecting that, we are returning from our honey moon not a war”




James, ” I like war, then I can kill you’




At the library, grandma was waiting for them. How sweet the home is, thought Helen as they were ushered in with flowers . grandma motioned Helen to come close to her. She was watching her face, then she said, “you two had a good time?




They nodded and smiled. walking upstairs to their bedroom, Helen was getting cold feet.Door closed and James jumped on her like a panther.Pinned her on the wall and came too close for comfort. “Did you”




Helen,” No”




James,” How can I believe that?”




Helen,” I don’t know. I have nothing to prove my innocence”




James,” then you are guilty”




Helen,” I am not”




James” then why didn’t you tell me, before you left with him. why didn’t you ask me?”




Helen,”I did call you but Rosea..”




James didn’t let her finish the sentence. walked out. he had it enough. But he wanted to check, so he called the telecommunication center, for finding if his number was called and who had made the call.The report confirmed  Helen call time and her attempts to call while James mobile phone was broken. That made him calm down a bit.he re-entered the room. James,”okay, tell me who is Alfred..No..I know who he is.tell me why you left with him”




Helen told him everything from the start. James listened,”okay, for this once I believe you but let me be very clear. From today till the end of our one year contract, you under no circumstance are going to do any thing that has another man involved in your life.Do you get that?”








James, ” You better get it. i mean it. I will kill you and him , if I ever find that your side of this story is false”




Helen just nodded. She couldn’t believe that James didn’t say much. For few days,James was still hot tempered. Helen was thinking, why does he takes so long to cool down.




The first month of her marriage with James was almost over, after their return Helen didn’t get her monthly periods. She went for a check up.




The lady doctor,” Congratulations Mrs. James, you are pregnant”




Helen,” really!!”




Doctor,”yes..really  “




Helen was so happy, on her way back she went to Foster’s home.






Rosea Black was totally lost. She wanted a child in her womb..for James felt obliged to marry her only because of her pregnancy to get his child. She tried to drug him..with some medication that night and then..was able to get some sperms to get herself impregnated. was not working..she was unable to conceive his child ..and time was running out. As per her claim..she was already two months pregnant..but nothing ..She went to see her doctor..Walking in the corridor..she could hear ..




Mrs Helen James..Oh congratulations are pregnant , said the doctor with a perfect smile.




Helen was also smiling.. As she left..but didn’t see Rosea watching her pass. Excited, Helen went to the Foster’s mansion. She called Sophia too, as she mused with the thought touching herself.. remembering her wedding night.




What a night that was..everyone was so excited about Sophia’s grand wedding with James Smith. The wedding was totally organised and financed by them. helen, would be helping Sophia , with her final touches. So, she stealthily walked in to Sophia’ room. Unaware, of what Sophia was going through , helen was cheerful but she as deep down so sad..she loved James ..but she was not the one chosen was Sophia.




Helen, talked about the jewelries that could match with the dress. Sophia didn’t reply..coming close she could see ..tears..rolling down her cheeks.




Helen,” What happened?”




Sophia didn’t answer




Helen,” Don’t be sad, you are not going far..its just another state.”




helen..went on saying everything that possibly would make Sophia happy..After some time,Sophia replied, ” I don’t want to marry James “




Helen, was in a shock,” why?he is so good”




Sophia,” yes.. but Helen, I love someone else, and he just told me now that he also  loves me..please ..I don’t want to marry James “




Helen..was totally bowled out..She couldn’t move and then suddenly, the door was getting a knock. peeping inside was Mr and Mrs. William Foster. Quickly, Helen hid behind the curtains. Listening  to what they had to say..but now her mind was racing faster than any sports car..she could hear screeching sound . oh! what a mess.




Sophia composed herself..she was not as free with her parents as she was with Helen. Both, Mr and Mrs. Foster were praising Sophia’s dress and admiring the jewelries..they were giving Sophia tips for a successful marriage.




After, the parents left..there was another knock..but his time it was on the window..Sophia quickly ran to wards the huge glass panes, outside on the ledge was Allen Woods. She let him in and instantly they got locked in an embrace..tight and loving. Helen came out of her hiding corner a bit angry at Sophia.




Helen,” Sophia if you liked him..sorry loved him.Then why did you agree to marry James ?”




Sophia with pleading eyes was searching Helen’s face, trying to find a softness or a smile, even a fake smile would do..but a little sympathy. But none was to be found.




Sophia started to faint and Allen caught her.




Allen,” I know, it is too late. But, don’t you think it would be a disaster if she marries a man, she doesn’t  love and he is involved with Rosea Black”




Helen,” Excuse me, who is Rosea Black?”




Allen,” You know.. for the last four years we were friends, very close however, when Sophia told me that her father wanted her to get married to James Smith, I was a bit taken aback, I felt that I can not live without her.”




Helen,”It is just too is the wedding! and you didn’t tell me yet..who is Rosea Black?”




Allen with his head down,” After James parents died in that road accident, he was devastated. You remember how good a musician he was, but he left everything including music. His father’s business was having some problem, so he would drink. One day, he was lured  by Rosea  to her house. Since then, he is under some sort of relationship. His grandma wouldn’t settle for Rosea, so he has actually twisted Mr Foster’s business to get him agree for this marriage.”




Helen, ” I don’t know what to think and why to believe this story?”




Sophia,” Just believe ..this much that I do not  love James ..I love Allen”




Helen,” should tell your father too..because any moment they will ask you to join them downstairs for your wedding”




Sophia,” helen..I know since the day we met..I am taking advantage with your look even took admission in Architecture for me. You  did so many things for me, that even if I had a sister or if you had asked me to do, I wouldn’t have done. Helen, Just one last favor..if you could….”




Suddenly , there was a knock at the door. Allen and Helen, bought ran for a hiding place.. in the bath room. In walked James Smith, looking  very disturbed trying to look composed..but fidgeting.




James,” Sophia..I know it is not proper to see the bride  before the wedding. But.. I need to be honest with you. I have a girl friend since few years…her name is”




Sophia, ” Rosea Black “




James,” How did you know?”




Sophia,” I was told by my boy friend. Allen “




It was like a chess games, check mate.




Sophia called , and from the bath room the two appeared. James was astonished to look at Helen, she was a copy of Sophia. Allen..was now relaxed ..he thought he had a hope.




Sophia,” you tell me. If I was planning to marry is that wrong?”




Total silence..broken by James, ” I came to confess..that I have Rosea and she is pregnant with my child this marriage would be for my grandma only.. for a year or two..since she has a short time . It sounds very cold..I realize that but I am cold..and I am unsure how was I able to get Rosea pregnant..but then, I drink too much lately..I may have..but I don’t know..Any way, right now I am you can see ..and I thought. even though its a bad time  to tell you Sophia  past  and my plans for future that may not have you..after the death of my ailing grandma..I will marry Rosea for I must take up my responsibilities. I will not be a real husband to you..all the time we will be understand  what I mean”




It was too much..for anyone to expect, James turned to walk towards the closed door. helen, grabbed his elbow.




Helen,” Wait..just a moment..What do you are doing?”




James,” Look here, I only have to give explanation to her..looking at one else…is that clear”




Helen,” Then why don’t you just tell your grandma, what you told us?”




James.. didn’t you hear. she is very sick and would die..soon.She is the only family I got after my parents died in the car crash.




Allen,” Listen..everyone..I got an idea..if Helen agrees..that is..what if Helen married  james and my Sophia marries me Helen”




Helen was a bit surprised..James turned ..and looked at Helen.Sophia with pleading eyes..was again searching Helen’s expression..




Helen” why?”




Allen and Sophia ” don’t want us to lose love…and life”




Helen..was was like she was a puppet..angry and hurt..she  found tears rolling down her cheeks.




Helen,” You didn’t hear..that he is not really marrying Sophia..and its on paper is like a fake relationship.”




James,” You want a real marriage?” there was a sarcastic smile.




Helen,” Yes.. and with love and respect and honor..forever”




James,” I can not promise and forever part. But yes..I would respect you and honor you as long as you are my wife”




The intercom bell rang. Helen picked up the receiver. it was James’s friend, ” hello. is James there ?”




Helen,” Yes.he is here”




James..quickly left the if it didn’t matter..who marries him. It was for a short period only.




Helen..was now getting very upset..but she loved james..rather had a crush on him .She had dreamed to be his that her dream was coming true..there was a dullness…


The beautiful Sophia was getting dressed as Helen. helen got into Sophia’s wedding gown..and with all music and flowers..she was walking towards the aisles and Mr. Foster bent down very close and whispered..”Helen..where is Sophia and why are you getting married to james?”




Helen, ” Sir..”




Mr William,” Not so loudly…call me father “




before..she could answer, james was given her hand and Mr William joined his wife.The ceremony progressed, and as the priest was about to take Sophia..helen..corrected him name is Helen.. james nodded and the priest although much confused..but didn’t want to create any unpleasant scene.They kissed and off..they went in the grand limousine. Once settled in the comfort of a limo..James turned to what is going up in your head dear wife ?”




helen,” Not husband..”




Both laughed like small school children, as if, it was a prank they had played…they were nearing the airport..




back at Mansion.. mr and Mrs Foster had entertained their guests and after everyone left. Mr William called Sophia…




Sophia narrated the full ..and that was the moment..mrs William..entered the room..




Mrs. Foster.” What is going on? I thought you had left with  James..Sophia..who is this young man here” she was pointing to Allen Woods.




Mr. Foster, ” Sit down my dear. Let me bring you a drink..and close the door Patrick. No..don’t go away. I think you need to tell us..that we have been missing on.”




Patrick,” Sir..”




Mrs. Foster ,” William..what is it? I am getting anxiety…can you please..explain”




Mr. Foster,” my dear..don’t feel bad..Time has passed. years infact. I was very much afraid of losing you. i loved you so much. After we had suffered, our unborn children your womb. The doctor, had told me..that if this time you didn’t give birth to a child..I may lose you forever. I as frantic. I didn’t want to lose my child but ..all I had was you. You loved me so much..and we did want our own child. I was young..and I thought..we can do it..You need to be medically fit..Am I making any sense?”




Mrs. Foster,” I am not sure..but I believe that you  love me..don’t worry..I am strong enough to know..”




mr Foster,”That day..when you were suppose to have the operation. I had asked the head nurse for arranging a baby, just incase we had another tragedy.”




Mrs. Foster..realized..what her husband was trying to tell her. She got up from her chair and  hugged her husband..She could feel that , he needed to be reassured, that although it was a deceptiomn..but his wife would stand beside him..Mr. Foster..hugged her long and they both cried.




Sophia was stunned..Sophia,” Father ..I am not your child?”




Allen..caught her..and made her sit.




Patrick,” Sir..after the head nurse took Sophia..the other twin was left in the cradle, crying. I had no heart to leave. So, I took her with me.”




Sophia now understood that how much she resembled Helen and why..they were twin sisters.




Patrick,” I never told helen..that she was not mine. The girls have met each other years ago. But, they never understood or even think about the possibility of being related.”




Sophia,” Helen doesn’t know !”




Mrs. Foster,” Oh! my God. My daughter or son ?”




Mr. Foster,” he was our son, but he died instantly , I buried him in the back yard, where we had planted coconut trees. “




It was a day..that unfolded secrets..there were too many hidden truths..but no one lied it seemed.




James was happy for some reason and Helen was smiling too. Both were thinking, why?




Soon, they were reaching the Huge Palace..main gate of the  palace was kept open and flowers adorned all the way up to the main house. Standing now, the frail grandma was all smiles.




Grandma,”Oh ..Congratulations!! I am so happy for you two “




James,” Grandma..why are you out here?”




Grandma, ” Don’t fuss. I am perfectly alright. And I am so happy I can live another 100 years”




Helen,” grandma”




The three walked in and the servants took care of their huge luggage.The main hall had guest sitting. Grandma, ushered in the couple and asked Helen to change quickly. Upstairs, in their room..there were three maids..all smiling. madame welcome..they chorused.




Then grand ma showed her the dress that was kept for her and jewellery with accessories.Everything was very classy and expensive. The bathroom had a size of the main hall, it seems..Helen was happy. She didn’t realize that she was sharing this room. The maids left after explaining the basics of the room. Helen, went to take her bath. The door closed.james had entered. As, she was submerging in the jacuzzi, he walked in for a shower..Casual strides took him to the cubicle where he relaxed and walked away….naked. he was busy and totally ignoring the fact , that helen was staring at his body.. Slowly he reached for her chin, and closed her lips.. Don’t stare..its bad manners. and I am getting ready..Helen was caught blushing..but didn’t reply..and continued to take a bath. james, reminded her that guest s were waiting for them.




James reached the hall. everyone was there greeting him and wishing him luck.Soon , helen appeared dressed in white gown ,looking strikingly beautiful and soft. There was an awe..everyone was smiling..She joined and the celebration began.. Dances, food wine, laughter..How happy Helen was like a perfect wedding.




Slowly the guest left.Tired but happy the couple returned to their room.Both just jumped..whew!!




“party was good “,they said together..”and now?”




Helen.” Tonight is our wedding we should do what every couple does




James,” But, helen..I love Rosea and she would get upset if, we made love”




Helen,” yes..but if you didn’t tell her..then?”




James,” Are you serious? I mean sex..thats not love “




Helen,”it is my right..and whether you loved having it with me or not…let us think about that later.”




James was about to say..but lips were captured and rest followed..James was actually enjoying it..hmmm


The night was awesome for James and was a perfect wedding and night too. James got up earlier and went to take his shower. Helen followed..and started her  usual. Coming out of shower,James nodded at Helen, as he passed her. Helen took her bath and came out. Saw james,applying lotion, she spotted a portion that was unshaved..she came closer and told him,” You missed this spot..right under your nose..”




James smiled, catching her by the shoulder, brought her down on the bed and rubbed the unshaved part  over her neck, bosom and chin..both had started to play again. Rolling over and pinning down,Helen was finding it difficult to overturn  then James let her..this time she pinned him. And sat over him..moving towards his lips..almost lasted for another hour.Then James realized, it was breakfast time. Both got dressed and joined grandma.




At the table, Grandma asked Helen , about her.




Helen, ” Grandma, I am studying in the final year of Architecture at MIT. My thesis is the application of LEED in projects  performance”




James,” So, when would you resume your classes.?”




Helen,” Actually, I took 5 days off , for the wedding “




James,” So, wedding is over…right?”




Grandma.” Why don’t you two go for a honey moon”




James,” I have work and she should also study..”




Helen,” I can take another 5 days off, after two weeks “




James,” No need “




Grandma,” I insist ”




James , finished his breakfast and asked Helen to join him for a horse ride. The horse, came to the door..and both got  over and rode away. The palace had a small forest like backyard. Here, James stopped his horse and helped Helen get off.




Since, Helen knew most of the things James did earlier and what he liked, they started talking like old friends. Time passed and both were now lying on grass watching the sky..with twigs in hand.




James,” Why are you agreeing for a honeymoon ?”




Helen.” I think its nice idea”




The mobile phone rang, james, “hello”




Rosea Black ” Good morning my darling”




James .” Yes.. How are you?”




Rosea,” I am missing you so much!”




James,” okay..I will come..but not now..see you bye”




Helen.” Rosea?”




James,” yes”




Helen,” You know, we can do one thing, why don’t the three of us travel for a honey moon ?




James ,” Go on “




Helen,” We, will travel together, after reaching the hotel. You two can share one room and I will stay at mine”




James,” Are you sure?”




Helen,” Look, if we don’t go for a honeymoon. it would look odd. And Rosea, can do with some outing too “




James agreed. But didn’t look comfortable. helen, touched his sleeves,” You want to meet her now”




James,” No. I don’t”




Helen,”But..james she is waiting for you “




James silenced her with a kiss..and they returned home for lunch.




James  got a stomach upset. He vomited and got sick. Helen, cooked cereal for him, although the chef got a bit angry but didn’t dare to stop Helen.James, was making faces at the cereal, but Helen with all sorts of acting made him eat it all. Grandma was happy. James had finally got a friend..a bosom friend.




Time came for Helen to leave for her classes. She left for couple of days.




Helen.”Don’t get too naughty:” whispered at James ears and left.




James was smiling. He went back to his office.




After reaching the airport, Helen was escorted to a different  location. No more dormitory. But a cute, villa in the suburbs’ marrying a rich man has benefits indeed.




Rose Black was waiting for James to come but , James  didn’t go, he had many excuses. Somehow, Helen was the person he felt warm and happy. She was playful, confident and very naughty when it came to sexJames was missing Helen. He called her , with skype and both would chat for a long time.




Time for Helen to return approached. Now, it was their trip for a romantic honeymoon.




Packed and ready, Helen called her father Patrick to inform about her  plans.




He did not sound very happy. Helen was confused and shared this with James.Later,James talked to the Fosters and then he called Helen inside the study.




James,” Sophia got married to Allen.”




Helen” that is great!”




James, touched Helen and motioned her to sit down,” And, you and Sophia are real sisters “




Helen,” What?”




James, ” yes. You two were  taken from a hospital. Sophia was adopted by Mr Foster and  you were secretly adopted by your father “




Helen got a bit numbed.




James,” We can not tell grandma about this . So, we will proceed for honeymoon, okay?”




Helen nodded












Rosea Black was returning from airport. The so called honeymoon trip with James, was a total failure. Although, it was nice of Helen to float the idea, that the three would leave together and Helen would use the single room and she would be with James. But it did n’t work out as hoped. James was all the time just so concerned about his wife. He even gave her the Queen’ s Suite, at Hotel Ritz as Mrs. James. Was he in-love with Helen? This was bothering Rosea. Rosea Black reached her condo near Hollywood Boulevard. This was a gift by James, just a few years back. James, parents had died in an accident making his life totally upside down. He was so upset with himself, because his parents were driving to his grand concert, when a teenager speeding from the wrong side had hit their car. Although  the surgeons tried their best, but James lost both his parents. That night was the black night. James left his singing career, he abandoned all his musical activities, and joined his father’s empire. Since then, he was a loner, his only family was his grandma, who was frail and sick. It was his grandmother who had forced James into getting married.




James had asked his grandma’s permission to marry Rosea, but that was turned down. Frustrated, Rosea schemed a plan and faked that she was pregnant with James’s child. James  couldn’t recall how was that possible, but Rosea had staged  a perfect set up. One night, she had intentionally drugged James and led him to believe, that it was that night that she got pregnant. Till today, James didn’t remember what had actually happened. he was too lonely, to fight with a friend he thought was his very own. Rosea Black, had lied to him that while sleeping in her bed, James murmurs her name..that he was so much in-love with her. All this fabrication would have been turned into real if Helen would have not married James.




Rosea walked into her huge Jacuzzi, so beautiful and effective.She was enjoying it, when her phone rang, reaching out she answered.




Tony,” Hi babe, you are home, sweetie?”




Rosea,”yes, we are  “




Tony,” How about a night? What are your plans for tonight?”




Rosea,” I am free, just taking a bath”




Tony,” I am in the elevator, so I will be with you in minutes”




Tony had the spare keys to her condom. he walked straight into her exclusively designed bath room. Rosea, told him to join her. They had a very romantic sexual session. Rosea had missed Tony.




Tony,” So how was with James ?”




Rosea,” that bugger, he didn’t even touch me, old fashioned”




Tony,” Really? why? You are the diva :”




Rosea,” he thinks, it is not right to have extramarital sex.”




Tony,” Poos guy, he doesn’t know you. I am amazed, at your deception”




Rosea,” I am worried, even if Helen goes away after a year. His Grandma would still be around to put another impediment in getting married to him.”




Tony,” then, what do you want?”




Rosea,” I want her car to get into an accident, do something with the brakes or tires”




Tony,” But, at their mansion, they have extra security.”




Rosea,” Everyone has a price, find out how much can the driver be bought”




Tony smiled. he  had a strong lust for Rosea. he wanted her every time, each night. later, that night an admirer wanted to share, Rosea at his out house. Tony had fixed the price.



Rosea and Tony left for the night. The man, who didn’t want o disclose his name was old, he was too


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