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Hmmmmm – Part 3

July 19, 2013

Mike Sanders was now keen to meet his beloved Charlotte..her smile was making him miss her. After seeing Sophia ans Helen, he wanted to relive  each moment he had missed.

The happiness of finding twins, his Charlottes twins. So much like her, but this happiness was incomplete without his love. Tears were again his companion, he didn’t want to work. He wanted to meet his two daughter’s husbands, their families.

James had organized a huge party and Mike Sanders was introduced to all the guests , everyone was happy to have met Mike. Helen and Sophia both were looking great. Helen’s twin sons were running around thinking it was great fun..and the daughters perhaps too young to understand just smiled between gaga and googles.

Sophia and Allen were happy couple, Mike was happy that Sophia found her love of life and was full of admiration for Helen’s part in making it possible.

Patrick was happy, he was busy playing with Richard and Raymond. The two never wanted to leave his side,whether it was a party or not, his fun companions were always limited to the twin brothers.

Helen,” Richard and Raymond, why don’t you let papa meet guest ?”
Richard,” But, mama grand pa is enjoying and he doesn’t really feel comfortable with other guests.”
Helen,” What makes you think so ?”
Raymond,” it is simple. Look, when he is with us he is laughing and when with other guests he is smiling. So, what is more relaxed.”
Helen,” He is laughing with you two , because you amuse him ”
Patrick,” Now , now Helen my dear. Why talk about my comrades with less respect. I simply adore their company. When you were little, you were double the trouble 😉 ”
Helen,” really! Papa ”
Patrick,” Yes, really. And I wouldn’t change any moment for any amount of treasure you may offer. You know, Helen when you smiled or run around, anything you did was like a dream come true. From the moment I held you, I felt a warmth for you. I feel a little more love for them, because they are your children. I can’t help it. I want to spoil them.”

Mike,” Me too. I must invite them to spend time with me. I want to know them.”
Richard,” When can we come?”
Raymond,” Will you show us your mansion?”
Richard,” Are you also our grand pa?”
Raymond,” How can we call both grand pa”
James,” I know, what you can do. You should call, your grand pa as grand pa and your new grand dad , as grand dad ”
Helen,” that was smart ;)”

The farm spread over acres of lush green lawn. Charlotte , was sipping her early morning coffee and planning about the horse race.
After her divorce , she had horse breeding and her commission on the race win, as a source of income. She felt empty and at time useless. She missed Mike..felt sad about giving birth to a dead child. But, she never blamed anyone and never wanted to change anything either.
She was still very attractive and had many admirers, but she never felt to be with anyone, as no one was like her Mike..her artist.
This morning was very different, it was inviting her for painting the scenery..lush green grass with sky so blue..I still love you..Mike..and do you 🙂 She was smiling..and thinking ..of course not.
Susan and her family helped her with up keeping and much of the cooking. Today, it was Susan’s daughter’s wedding , although they insisted her but Charlotte , didn’t feel like attending any social gatherings.
She was alone with her paint brush , green on her wide canvass matched the greenery in front..she heard a car stop.That was surprising, few would come this far.
The breeze was tickling her hair and she let it open..she could smell a familiar cologne ..couldn’t be she she was about to turn..hands clasped her shoulder.
Charlotte : ” Mike ”
Mike,” No ”
Charlotte turned and looked up to the eyes that were filled with tears..and one..Charlotte thought to herself..age is catching up on me. She finished her painting and went she couldn’t take her mind off if he was missing her.Why would he ? But..she wanted him to miss he loved her..the heat was making her uncomfortable and she decided to take a bath..before she took her lunch.

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