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The reunion

July 19, 2013

Charlotte was feeling uneasy. The calmness of the surrounding was screaming into her mind. She wanted to escape the loneliness. She had no one but her brother Charleston. She knew he was re-married. She felt the need to forget the past and connect with him, as her only sibling.
Charlotte rang up Charleston home.
Butler,” Yes. Charleston Residence. May I know who is calling please.”
Charlotte : ” Is Charlie there ? I mean , is Mr. Charleston home?”
Butler,” madame, who should I say is calling ?”
Charleston walks into the hall and gets the phone.
Charleston ,” Yes.”
Charlotte ,” It is me. How are you?”
Charleston,” I am delighted to hear your voice. How are you?”
Charlotte,” I am feeling a bit lonely”
Charleston.” Then come over, my dear it has been a life time.”

They talked for couple of minutes and finally it was all settled , Charleston would send her air tickets .
Charleston, called up Patrick and they both arrived at Mike Sanders’ Office.

Mike,” Hello Patrick. How are you?”
Patrick,” I have great news for you. I got Charlotte’s address.”
Mike took the address and left immediately.His car was awaiting at the air port once he reached Ohio, his heart was racing faster. He was driving straight to the farm.

Charlotte was sipping away her tea and she watched her painting from yesterday. It was a very happy painting.Her hair was open and she wearing a burgundy dress.

Mike parked the car a little away from the main entrance. He then walked briskly and came to a halt at the door.Mike knocked, Charlotte raised her head a bit surprised. She was not expecting anyone, as Susan and her family were not due until tomorrow.

Charlotte ,” Who is it?”
Mike.” Mike”
Charlotte,” Who ?”
Mike,” Charlotte, it is me ..your Mike”
Charlotte felt numb, her hands tried to open the knob but it was slipping. She opened the door, and saw Mike. He was a bit older, but just as handsome as before and smiling. He was holding a huge bouquet of red roses.

They looked at each other, the whole life flashed before their eyes as tears filled.Mike walked close to her and she hugged him, crushing the roses . It was a very long and warm hug, as if their bodies were speaking in silence.The roses fell as their lips met and they kissed..long and deep.
Mike swept her off the floor and carried her to the couch, he sat with his wife on his lap, her arms around his neck made him feel wanted. Nothing changed in their love.

Charlotte, ” Mike. We lost our son”
Mike,” we never had a son, Charlotte.”
Charlotte.” What do you mean ? I gave birth to a dead boy.”
Mike,” My dear pumpkin, You gave birth to our twin daughters. But..your brother swapped them with the dead son of William Foster.”
Charlotte.” Then.. How? ..but”
Mike,” Wait..”
Charlotte.” Oh! Where are our daughters”
Mike.”Do you remember this ?” Mike took out the blue diamond. Charlotte was holding that piece when she went for delivery.
Charlotte.” That is..”
Mike took out his mobile and called up James.
Mike,” Yes. You all can come in ”
Charlotte.” You means 1″
Mike,” Charlotte, it has been 25 years. Our daughters, Helen and Sophia are now married. Helen got twins of her own and Sophia is expecting.”
Charlotte hugged Mike. once more this time it was a tighter hug.
The door opened and walked in the whole family.Helen with James both carrying twins in their arms, Patrick with the Richmond and inside..Sophia with Allen walking cautiously and smiling. There were lots of hugs and kisses.Laughter and noise from the boys running around.
Charlotte was crying and laughing her arms around Mike at the waist. She felt secured, as her daughters were quickly updating her..she was hardly able to listen..all she felt was inner happiness. it was a dream come true.

Helen and Sophia , once settled wanted to ask their parents a favor.
Helen ,” I know you got married secretly..but dad is still a bachelor in the social circle. So..why don’t we get you two married ?”
Mike instantly turned and then kneeled in front of Charlotte ..he was quickly given a rose by Reymond. They all laughed, it was amusing to see Mike asking Charlotte to marry him.

Charleston walked forward and said,” I am so sorry Charlotte for robbing you of the years that was the prime in your life. I can not do anything about it, but I promise to behave from now.”


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