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The last scene.

July 21, 2013

Helen was from the groom’s side and Sophia from the bride. Both would shop together and each day was filled with so much excitement and laughter, that it was making the wedding preparation far more enjoyable than the wedding.

The best man was Patrick and all decoration was designed and detailed by Sophia. They got the same priest who had earlier solemnized the marriage 25 years ago. He was old but very cheerful.

The wedding was simple , with a grand reception. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sanders drove away, to enjoy life as a happy couple . They decided not to be depressed about the time they lost, but to celebrate the joy of marriage, for now was the time that they needed each other the most.

Charleston was feeling relieved seeing his sister married to her love of life..and he regretted earlier decision for breaking their life.

Charleston returned home , a bit broken in spirit. He heard voices from gym, it was his wife.He turned the recording on, of the secret camera he had  placed in the gym. There he could see his wife with the trainer, having sex. He  asked the trainer to meet him in private. Together they watched the recording, the trainer was shaking.

Charleston,” So..what do you think ..I should do ?”

Trainer,” What do you mean?”

Charleston .” seems you enjoy my wife’s company too much. But, I have a problem with that..and I think ..” 

Trainer”Please sir..forgive me.”

Charleston.” No. I can not forgive you nor my wife. So…she must die and you have to kill her.”

Trainer,” Me?”

Charleston.” Yes. “

Charleston took out the lethal injection and handed it over to the trainer. ” Just empty she sleeps now. And.. don’t return..just leave the premises. This envelope has can survive at least two years without working. “

Trainer.” okay..”

Charleston then sat on the sofa in his library. He couldn’t sleep. Early next morning, the maids woke him up.

Maid,” Sir. The Mistress is not getting up. I think she is sick”

Charleston.” Call the doctor”

Maid,” Sir. The doctor is checking her now”

Doctor.” Sir. I am sorry..but it seems ..your no more “

Charleston got his wife buried without waiting for Charlotte and Mike. He felt, it was the right thing to do..he had made them suffer..and now it was perhaps his turn to feel the agony of  death.

Rosea Black..was finally out of many lives.


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