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Rosea Black was returning from airport. The so called honeymoon trip with James, was a total failure. Although, it was nice of Helen to float the idea, that the three would leave together and Helen would use the single room and she would be with James. But it didn’t work out as hoped. James was all the time just so concerned about his wife. He even gave her the Queen’ s Suite, at Hotel Ritz as Mrs. James. Was he in-love with Helen? This was bothering Rosea. Rosea Black reached her condo near Hollywood Boulevard. This was a gift by James, just a few years back. James, parents had died in an accident making his life totally upside down. He was so upset with himself, because his parents were driving to his grand concert, when a teenager speeding from the wrong side had hit their car. Although  the surgeons tried their best, but James lost both his parents. That night was the black night. James left his singing career, he abandoned all his musical activities, and joined his father’s empire. Since then, he was a loner, his only family was his grandma, who was frail and sick. It was his grandmother who had forced James into getting married.

James had asked his grandma’s permission to marry Rosea, but that was turned down. Frustrated, Rosea schemed a plan and faked that she was pregnant with James’s child. James  couldn’t recall how was that possible, but Rosea had staged  a perfect set up. One night, she had intentionally drugged James and led him to believe, that it was that night that she got pregnant. Till today, James didn’t remember what had actually happened. he was too lonely, to fight with a friend he thought was his very own. Rosea Black, had lied to him that while sleeping in her bed, James murmurs her name..that he was so much in-love with her. All this fabrication would have been turned into real if Helen would have not married James.

Rosea walked into her huge Jacuzzi, so beautiful and effective.She was enjoying it, when her phone rang, reaching out she answered.

Tony,” Hi babe, you are home, sweetie?”

Rosea,”yes, we are :)”

Tony,” How about a night? What are your plans for tonight?”

Rosea,” I am free, just taking a bath”

Tony,” I am in the elevator, so I will be with you in minutes”

Tony had the spare keys to her condom. he walked straight into her exclusively designed bath room. Rosea, told him to join her. They had a very romantic sexual session. Rosea had missed Tony.

Tony,” So how was with James ?”

Rosea,” that bugger, he didn’t even touch me, old fashioned”

Tony,” Really? why? You are the diva :”

Rosea,” he thinks, it is not right to have extramarital sex.”

Tony,” Poos guy, he doesn’t know you. I am amazed, at your deception”

Rosea,” I am worried, even if Helen goes away after a year. His Grandma would still be around to put another impediment in getting married to him.”

Tony,” then, what do you want?”

Rosea,” I want her car to get into an accident, do something with the brakes or tires”

Tony,” But, at their mansion, they have extra security.”

Rosea,” Everyone has a price, find out how much can the driver be bought”

Tony smiled. he  had a strong lust for Rosea. he wanted her every time, each night. later, that night an admirer wanted to share, Rosea at his out house. Tony had fixed the price.

Rosea and Tony left for the night. The man, who didn’t want o disclose his name was old, he was too frail but he wanted a young woman. A beautiful woman, as he was feeling lonely. So much money, he can afford to get most of the women in his bed. Rosea was no exception. She had beautiful black hair long till her hips, black eyes and pure white skin. She was a statue that had come alive. She was well versed, had a convent graduation and was nothing close to boring. In fact, just by looking at her most of the men would get hot. Mr. Blake  sat on his sofa sipping wine, Rosea entered the dim lit room. The night started.

Tony left to scheme the details for the accident. he called up the chauffeur. After much pursuance and huge amount of green cash, the driver agreed.

Early, Sunday morning grandma was ready for her filed trip. She had an exclusive interview with the production team of ” new greens” . Looking awesome , she tried to walk upright. helen was amused to see this woman’s courage and spirit. She asked, the chauffeur to be careful and drive slowly.  Grandma, twitched she didn’t like smooth drives .

Helen,” What time would you return”

Grand ma,” Most probably, by late evening ”

Helen,” You did take your medicines, and phone”

Grand ma, nodded and left. Helen, looked at the table, she had left the medicine box, quickly Helen called her,  Grand ma,”Oh dear! I must have taken out to check that, but I am already on the free way.”

Helen, told her not to worry, she will follow her and at the station she will give it to her, hand delivery. Helen, then took out her black mustang and drove, only to find that the car carrying her grandma was too fast.Why, is he driving so fat , that was totally not suppose to happen. Soon, the car went up and then on the free way..speeding behind the Cadillac. Helen realized that the car speed was increasing, and the driver was not making any attempt at slowing, not even at the curves. She again called grandma, no answer. She stepped on her mustang. Called James with speaker, “hi, its grandma’s car, its speeding too much on the free way , I am behind it and she is not answering my call” James , was in the shower. he understood only the frantic voice calling for help. he also started to drive, the Cadillac was now totally out of control screeching, they have entered the lanes now and still not Helen , tried and passed the car only to see, that it didn’t have a driver and grandma? She called the traffic police,and within minutes they came to rescue. The huge air balloon was manged to b block the Cadillac, in time and dead stop. James also reached at the scene. the driver had escaped unhurt, how did he mange all this was amazing. The car was on auto driver mode. it was directed by the computer from the time, it was on free way. The medical support had arrived, grandma was unconscious and was taken for emergency.

James was furious, he gave the police men the total description of the driver and his whereabouts. pacing up and down the hall way, James couldn’t think who had planned all this.Slowly, grandma gained conscious and was released from the hospital within a few hours. Helen, hugged her tightly, and smiled. grandma had got a stain in her back and was advised to take complete  rest.



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