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Short Story -1

Death do us part  ( a story retold )

Elizabeth was engaged to Alfred before the war started at Gulf. Unfortunately, Alfred was injured when a bullet punctured his right knee. Since then, he was on wheel chair.

Alfred,” Elizabeth, I don’t want to marry you anymore”

Elizabeth, ” why? What is wrong?”

Alfred,” I am cripple and would remain so, and I don’t think I can take care of  your needs. Financial and physical. Not the way, you may want.”

Elizabeth,” Do you love me?”

Alfred,” I don’t know.”

Elizabeth,” Do you want me ?”

Alfred,” No..not anymore.”

Elizabeth,” Do you need me?”

Alfred,” Perhaps..yes”

Elizabeth,” I love you . I want you and mostly, I love the fact that you still need me”

That settled the matter, and within a month they both got married. Elizabeth was an artist and she mostly did portraits , from every day life .Soon, her work was gaining popularity with internet as a good source for publication.

Life was smoothly passing, both had lovely nights romantic and sexy. As per Elizabeth, I am happy bullet didn’t hit you there :).

Alfred, also got a desk job with the main office, and he regained his self. Time and again, he would express his joy over the fact, that it was Elizabeth who stood up for their marriage.

They had two sons and the family was happy as can be. Elizabeth, got  a phone call from her manager about an exhibition requesting her to participate.

Alfred, told her to send her confirmation as he knew, she really wanted to excel in her work, as an artist.

Elizabeth got hold of her best collection and was leaving for the exhibition, when they got a phone call from school about a parent teacher meeting, that afternoon. Alfred, told her to go alone and he would attend the meeting at the school.

Elizabeth, wore a black dress that made her look ravishing . The admirers for her work and her persona , were gaining in numbers. She was able to sold her paintings for unreasonably high price.

That made her very happy. Soon, she was getting invitations from elites to make portraits .Each assignment would take her away for weeks, but she kept in constant touch with her family.

One day, as she was participating in another exhibition. A rich bachelor, who was admiring her work, felt himself getting attracted to her. He couldn’t stop thinking about her flawless skin, red hair, beautiful face and husky voice.

He got so possessive, that he proposed her for marriage. Elizabeth , softly declined and told him clearly that she had two sons and a husband.

But, somehow the man didn’t want to accept. He plotted an evil scheme, he would kill the husband and then Elizabeth would be mine.

He called the under world top man and gave him her details. Alfred was the target, he had a very routine life. At 4.00 pm he normally went to the gym for some regular exercises, that was helping him. This was the perfect venue, just shoot him and leave no trace.

The gang men found Alfred, and they waited for him to get to the parking lot. As, Alfred was about to open the door of his car, they shot him. he fell down.

Phone bell rang.and the rich man answered, “yes”

other side ” it is done”

Rich  man,” No traces?”

other side,” none.”

Rich man .” Good”

other side, ” Just for your information, just as he was falling down , a woman with red hair came running for him. we took care of her too.we shot her instantly”


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